Whoa, Robert Loggia!

I don’t know how many of you guys are familiar with You’re The Man Now, Dog (otherwise known as YTMND) but I came across this gem recently and I think it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in quite awhile. Go ahead and refresh the page if the audio seems out of synch. This is the original commercial, for reference.

Robert Loggia. The man’s got rhythm. Yeahhh. (And that mom is awfully damn cute when she smiles, too.)

I can’t go to YTMND since I’m at work, but I think that I can say w/o hyperbole that The Robert Loggia Minute Made commercial is pretty much the best piece of advertising to come out of the twentieth century.

Even now, it is not uncommon in my household to put on your best Loggia impersonation and shout “Billy!” when orange juice is present.

ROTFL … I want to visit your place, Meme. :smiley:

That is a great commercial.

Loggia in '08!

Wow… I remembered fondly that commercial but in my memory it’s even crazier. I pictured it on a really fake almost cartoony looking set without the parents and Loggia actually bursting into the room.

Still an awesome commercial.

So, I make a post about the brilliant spoof on the commercial, and the only thing anyone comments on are memories of the original commercial. The point was to showcase the previously unnoticed inherent rythmic cadence of Robert Loggia’s speech … and you guys are just taking a trip down memory lane. :rolleyes:

I don’t believe you.

I apologize. I watched it again, and made sure not to enjoy it.

It was still great! (The re-mix kinda sucked)

Loggia in '08!

I’m missing something.

First, I viewed the original commercial. Yeah, it’s Robert Loggia. He has a gravel voice. Good actor. But it’s just a famous actor hawking a product. I didn’t think it was very original or interesting. (I’ll suspend my disbelieve about the plot.)

Then I watched the spoof. I definitely don’t understand that. It’s just a badly done flash animation…not even animated. It’s just video clips with the audio sort of remixed. I don’t understand how it’s a spoof.

I’ll say one thing…watching those two clips made THIS clip hilarious!

Family Guy Robert Loggia

Perhaps it’s better if a moderator simply closed the thread … this form of abstract humor is obviously lost on ignorance fighters.

Interesting party. Is there going to be cheese too, or just whine?

Sorry man, I tried. Just not getting the gem part…

The YTMD isn’t that great…the original commercial is more surreal and interesting. No kid knows Robert Loggia! No single child knows who he is but for some reason THIS kid does…and he just appears and convinces the kid. If it were Lebron James or Barry Bonds you wouldn’t blink twice at this kind of commercial. The fact that it is Robert Loggia is brillant. Adding a dance beat isn’t abstract…it’s played out.