WHOIS info

Quick question… I’ve tried to do a WHOIS search on the following URL: “http://www.mediawhoresonline.com” and my WHOIS search revealed nothing but fictional information. For one, all the contacts were listed as “Clinton, Socks & Buddy.”

So a couple questions. How can I figure out who owns/runs this site? Secondly, is this normal? I mean, can you supply obviously fake information or no information at all to the WHOIS register?
I obviously don’t know all the ins and outs of this, so somebody who has more know-how, please explain…

Yes, you definitely can use false information. In some ways that is good since it is a bit unfair to expect people to put their phone numbers in public view just because they have a domain name.

The email address is generally going to be valid, because that is the main way that a registrar communicates with the registrant.

Unless they publicize their identity in some other way, you might not be able to actually identify this person without something like FBI authority. If you have a beef with this site, your best bet is to contact their ISP, which you can often determine by their DNS servers. In this case:

Clearly they are hosted by Earthlink.