Whole Foods? How about Amazon Foods?

Wow. I didn’t see this coming.[

If Amazon can drop the ridiculous prices (will we stop saying Whole Paycheck?), I’ll start shopping there.

Didn’t see it coming, but I should have - It’s in keeping with their “All things to everyone” ambitions. Buy your high-end foods from Amazon - and have them deliver it.

I was pretty surprised when I saw that headline too - and yes, if they can bring the prices down some, that’d be great.

In the short term, I doubt anything will change at Whole Foods. Except there’s an Amazon Lockers location at the regular supermarket and right next door is a Whole Foods. So perhaps they’ll move the locker to Whole Foods.

They might add Whole Foods goods to the Amazon Grocery site.

They’ve already got Prime Pantry and Amazon Fresh. I’ve gotten things from Pantry and the prices are good but the packing I’ve found to leave a lot to be desired. Sometimes it’s fine, but most of the time things seem to just be casually tossed into a one-size-fits-all box, taped up, and sent out. Gotten a lot of smashed and ruined stuff, which Amazon happily refunded, but I’d rather just have the stuff I ordered, undamaged. Normally I avoid Whole Foods whenever possible, but if I could get the same stuff at the same price in an actual store, I’d totally shop there. Of course, Whole Foods doesn’t carry most of the shit I order from Pantry because their shelves are full of hoity-toity expensive brands, but perhaps that will change?

I own a little Amazon stock. I hope this continues to drive the price up.

Hopefully the bricks and mortar Whole Foods markets won’t change. I’m in and out of the one near my work to grab lunch and odds and ends. It’s too expensive to do a lot of shopping there, but they’re very convenient for prepared foods and specialty items.

It won’t affect me because I will not step foot in a Whole Foods even though there is one not very far away from me. It isn’t the stores themselves or the employees. It is the customers. I have never seen such an impressive collection of arrogant assholes assembled in one place before. They call it “The angriest store in America” for a reason. It isn’t just that location either. It is every single one that I have been to in multiple states.

Kale by mail. [sarcasm]Wonderful.[/sarcasm]


I suspect that Amazon will use this to boost their delivery reach. They’ve also started having groceries available for pick up. You place your order, drive to the store, and pick up your order without leaving the car. This fills in that gap when you need groceries or whatever right now and can’t wait for prime delivery. Being able to adapt existing Whole Foods locations to filling immediate orders is a big boost to Amazon.

Amazon is setting up to do to local grocery stores what they’ve done to local bookstores. I ought to be mad about it but I loathe going to the grocery store.

There was news too a few days ago that Amazon is offering special Prime pricing to lower income folks. This is a good thing, because it will allow people living in areas without good grocery stores to shop for fresh food rather than relying on junk food. It will also allow Amazon to start accepting food stamps for their grocery purchases.

And here’s a link to an article about Amazon Fresh, the grocery-drive through service.

All in all, Amazon is making huge moves in the grocery delivery business. This is a great time to own Amazon stock, I’d say. Ten years from now, urban grocery shopping is going to look entirely different.

Ok, I shop at Whole Foods maybe once a quarter, but I’ve never noticed anything like this. It’s always been a non-descript, pleasant, though usually a bit pricier (depends on what you’re buying. Liquor prices are pretty much the same as anywhere else, and their bulk beans/lentils/pulses are reasonably priced with greater variety than any other grocery store) experience.

“Jeff Bezos: evil genius confirmed” was my reaction. Americans spend $799 billion dollars on restaurants every year. There’s a revolution taking place in home cooking with subscription menu planning that is limited by supply chain issues and brand confusion. Whole Foods powered by Amazon would block out the sun.

That’s it? That’s your cite? A writer talking at length about one incident? Frankly, the author, Nils Parker, comes across like an asshole in that article. If the best cite you have for other people being assholes is an asshole crying about what assholes other people are, you don’t have much of a cite, IMO.

This is basically Amazon buying a bunch of pre-made Amazon Fresh warehouses.

Which is what I was trying to say, only better phrased.

Jeff Bezos: Alexa, buy me something at Whole Foods
Alexa: OK, buying Whole Foods

Also, Whole Foods can benefit by being introduced in a ton of markets it’s not already in because of that sweet, sweet Amazon cash.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner: “Only one company on earth can buy grocery chain, be rumored to buy enterprise software company & in both cases be lauded for strategic vision.”



Indeed. If I were to take into my own personal experiences into account, I’m pretty sure Walmart would win the title of “angriest store” by far (of course, my local Walmart has had people shot and run over in the parking lot, so perhaps that skews my perspective.)