Whom to thank for a job interview . . . ?

So yesterday I had my first job interview out of months of searching for a job that will allow me to live in the same house with SkipMagic (OK, to be fair, I haven’t been hunting that assiduously–I’m lucky enough to already have a job, so I’ve been able to be more picky than I would if I had to worry about how I was going to put food in the dog bowls).

And here I sit this morning, fingers poised to write a Thank You letter to my interviewer.

Only there were three of them (at once, I might add–talk about nerve-wracking!).

One was the director of the place, and the other two were the people with whom I’d be working directly if I got the job (therefore they had a vested interest in attending the interview).

Should I send one to each person, or is that overkill?

Whenever I’ve interviewed with more than one person, I usually just send a letter to the head person (the one who will make the decision), but acknowledge the other interviewers as well.


“I’d like to thank you (and Bob and Jane) for taking the time to meet with me…”

Zev Steinhardt

I’ve sent individual letters to each person, thanking them and mentioning something that was important to that person (for example, something that person asked about during the interview). In one case, one of the people really didn’t say anything, but she was the daughter of the founder of the school where I was applying, so I had to tailor it a different way.

I don’t think sending individual thank-yous is overkill.