It’s TMR’s 100-post celebration! There’s some Natty Light in the fridge (I think it might still be warm though) and some not-that-stale crackers over there on the sideboard.

Party on down. Yay.

You will buy the ukulele, and touch every place.

You need to post more. I think you’re funny.

something about your name scares me for some reason, I can’t quite put my finger on it

Well congrats. All I have to say is at least you didn’t screw it up like Buck Naked did.

I’ve been naughty; I should be spanked.
See Buck Naked’s mutilated monumental milestone post here!

Good going Trout. I’ll take one of those beers.

“My mind reels with sarcastic replies!” - Snoopy


No tequila. No cigars.

What a dud.

But here come the dancing girls…

Whooo hooo!
Wally, you just forget about those nasty cigars! You’re still regaining your strength! But here’s a pint of tequila just for you!

A Slightly Altered Perception of Reality…
Chrome Toaster

It’s either a Frank Zappa reference or a Tom Waits reference, but I don’t remember which. And I’m too lazy to go look at my CD’s

Either way, though, I dig it.

I miss Frank, though.

A committee is a lifeform with six or more legs and no brain.