Who's Changing Home Page to MSN.com?

I read the “please read first” PC thread; I have AdAware and Spybot installed on my home PC, and they do a pretty good job. But there’s a nagging, though minor, issue that’s irritating me. I didn’t come across it in the thread.

I prefer a “blank” home page on my IE6.x browser, at least until I feel like changing it. But once a week or so, the home page goes to MSN.com. Sure enough, when I go into my options page, the “about :blank” setting has been replaced.

I sent a nastygram via the contact link on MSN.com complaining about this, and of course wasn’t honored with a reply. I know that some outside force is hijacking my home page (I live alone, no other users on my PC), and it’s reasonable to conclude that Microsoft itself is the culprit. I mean, who else would have a motive for rubbing my face in MSN.com? Does the program that automatically checks Microsoft for critical updates do this? If so, why doesn’t it happen every time I activate the browser?

Any suggestions for how to prevent or meaningfully complain about this? It’s a small matter, but it’s wrong , dammit!

Is MSN your ISP? If so, are you running their client to connect you to the internet? If this is the case, you may want to set up a dialup networking (DUN) connection directly. How you do this depends on your OS and which ISP you have. ISP clients are notorious for resource hogging, changing things they have no business changing, and occassionally spy on your internet usage.

It could be adaware that is the cause, see


A discussion is available here:

Bill Gates :eek:

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