Who's Driven Drunk? (inspired by the "writing a letter" thread)

I did, once, when I was about 22. I had about 5 blocks to drive home, and if my car hadn’t been in danger of being towed if I’d left it where it was, I would have walked. It was maybe 3am, and I didn’t encounter another car.

I was scared shitless the whole time; my heart was in my throat. I drove really slow, which I’m sure would have clued in any cop I’d encountered to stop me. I’m really lucky I didn’t get caught.

I’ve never done it again.

FWIW, I was drunk; I wasn’t “just” buzzed, although I could stand up, and someone casually talking to me might not have known I was seriously drunk, because it doesn’t take a lot to get me drunk. I probably could not have passed a breathalyzer. What I did was unsafe and stupid, and I still get sweaty palms when I think about it, even though it was 27 years ago.

My only comfort is that I at least found it scary, and so I learned my lesson.

I get really scared when I read storied like the guy who killed several people, including children, and it apparently wasn’t typical behavior for him. I could have ruined my life, back when I was 22, and several other lives as well. I’m a fairly cynical person, but this still gets to me.

A couple of times, in my early twenties. Very, very stupid. Thank God I had no accidents.

Never. I’ve never been drunk as I don’t drink.


Amazing as it is, when I was younger I was not perfect.

Yeah, I’ve driven buzzed. Years ago. I was lucky, but most importantly, so were the other people on the road that I didn’t hit anybody. I don’t drink anymore, so I’m always completely sober when I get behind the wheel.

FWIW, I don’t drink anymore either, except very nominal amounts on Jewish holidays, as alcohol has become a migraine trigger for me. It’s something that started in my mid-thirties. I’ve probably been really drunk just three or four times in my life, and one times was shortly after I turned 21, under controlled conditions (at home), specifically to find out what it took to get me drunk. Turned out one brandy Alexander, one wine cooler, and I was unsteady on my feet. My tolerance has gotten slightly better as I’ve gotten older, but not by much. My 6’2, 240lb. husband can drink a beer and still drive. I can’t.

Yep. 40 years ago. It was much more ordinary behavior then.

Sober 30 years this fall.

Ashamed to say that I’ve driven drunk far too many times in my teens. Never caught. Since my teens, never. Thankfully I didn’t hit anyone or anything either. Stupid and inexcusable. Since then I have a one drink limit if I am driving.

I’ve driven drunk and/or stoned on pain pills more times than I can remember for more years than I like to think about.

Many, many times. I don’t recommend it.

Yes, I’ve driven by braille more times than I can count back in my 20s. Very very dumb.

That said, I’m sorry, I can drive and not be a danger to anyone at 0.08bac. I won’t because it’s not worth the thousand of dollars in legal fees if you get caught. But still, I’m no more of a danger at 0.08bac than I am driving home from work with zero bac.


I’ve certainly driven a number of times after having consumed several drinks over a period of time (usually a couple hours) and been at least somewhat buzzed, but I like to believe I was always under or very close to the legal limit. I don’t carry around a breathalyzer with me though so I can’t be sure, and luckily was never put to the test by way of force.

The handful of times in my life when I’ve really been raging drunk and certainly would be past the legal limit, I never drove. So to answer the OP I’m going with “probably not, but it’s possible”.


This bar in my college town put in a breathalyzer next to a courtesy direct line to the cab company. The idea was that people would see if they were over the limit (.1 at the time) and call a cab if they were. What happened was that people started having contests to see who could blow the highest number.

They took it out.

That is fascinating, you seem then to be a medical anomaly. This seems like the same sort of justification that people have for talking on mobile phones in the car. (“oh, no…it doesn’t affect my concentration at all!”)

I’m sorry but you are flat out wrong. Your reactions are dulled by that amount of alcohol but the really dumb thing is that you are telling yourself otherwise.

In the vanishingly small prospect of me being wrong of course, get yourself to the nearest research facility so they can test you and find out why you are unique. That could be a benefit to all mankind.

Yeah, a lot. It was stupid and dangerous and I’m not proud of it or excusing it, but it was also much more acceptable 30 years ago.

Maybe he is just a really good driver. Without fail all the people I know who’ve gotten tickets for DUI/DWI were also craptacular drivers when sober. They often got stopped when sober but, when sober, they did not get tickets (and they should have). Because the cops were looking for drunks.

I did, about 10 years ago. I genuinely thought was over the limit but I drove back from my friends. This drunk guy just walked out in front of me,; it wasn’t my fault but who knows whether the extra reaction time from being sober would have enabled me to stop. Anyway, he got a broken leg, I got a smashed car. When the cops arrived I was honest, but after testing at the police station I was under the limit and received no further consequences. Haven’t driven after more than 1 pint (as part of a meal) ever since.

Yes. It wasn’t a big deal back when I was in my late teens/early twenties.

I used to buy a case of beer on my way home on Fridays. The beer was in bottles and required an opener. The guy behind the counter would ask if I wanted a few popped open for my drive. That would be jaw-dropping odd today.