Who's driving you crazy?

I play drums in a rock & roll band (see link in my sig). For the past two months we’ve been gigging regularly at one particular place. The last show took place two weeks ago. At the time I thought it was a good performance, I thought I played well, I thought we sounded great. Today they tell me that the sound was bad, the performance was bad, the songs are dull; in other words, absolutely everything needs fixing. And the bar doesn’t want us back “for awhile.”

Right now I feel like tearing my hair out and drinking lots of beer, since rounding the band up and strangling them one at a time would not help.

So who’s driving you crazy?

Anywhere between about 60.319 to 82.537% of the students at my high school. Depending on whether or not I got to hole up in the library with a copy of whatever book I’m reading this particular week.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that they said they’ve been discussing this problem for “weeks” now. It’s such a great feeling to be an afterthought; I used to be consulted on these decisions, now I’m informed of them afterwards.

I’m seriously considering looking for a new band. Bartender! One Southern Comfort on the rocks, if you would.

Guess it would be the students who sit behind me in the 300-level Sex, Gender and Behavior class I’m taking. All they do is constantly bitch and whine about how pointless and boring the class is, and all the things they could be doing instead. They’re sucking all the enjoyment out of the whole thing. I’d move, but judging from the amount of student chatter going on during the class, there’s nowhere to run. To be honest, this is the case in nearly every class I’ve had since returning to college in 1999.

Can’t people enjoy learning for the sake of it anymore?

I am a big ball of horny at times.
It gets in the way. (No joke intended)

(user warning: this post contains sarcasm) Let me start off by saying, thanks but I don’t need any cheese with my whine.

People who change lanes without signaling on the freeway…
The guy who fills the vending machine at my work. Is the occasional bag of Hot Fries really so much to ask?
The stupid trash can that crushed my hand because the stupid guy carrying it (uh…me…) wasn’t holding both handles.
The drive thru person at Wendy’s who forgot my napkins! Again!
But I’m not worried. Natural selection will take care of these people in the due course of time.

JBird -

Come on over to the Arbitron building…we have TONS of Hot fries in the vending machine, and NO ONE ever eats them.

As for who’s driving me crazy…same as always. My idiot parents. :frowning:

I could do that. I’m in Patuxent Woods driving shuttle often enough. Of course, if no one ever eats them…no matter. I have a craving that cannot be denied.

Well, I don’t really have just one person that sends me over the edge in a lemming-like suicide plunge.

First and foremost, there is my boss. Overbearing, abrasive, micro-managing, and jumps to conclusions with dizzying regularity. I spend way too much time doing damage control with her. This is a person that clearly needs to switch to decaf.

Drivers who feel that the highway is the perfect place to re-enact a real life version of the video game “Pole Position”. Do they have any idea how dangerous that nonsense is? How much risk is worth getting home or to work five minutes sooner?

Patients who show up late. Especially if they’re the last patient at the end of the day.

Patients that hog time. They have an appointment with me, and I’ll give them my time and help them to the best extent of my ability, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the day belongs to them. I wish they’d consider the possibility that other patients have appointments as well.

All I can think of for now…sleep calls.

My boss. The Ops manager certified me for a reason, she felt that I could handle the store by myself. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have passed me. Janet continuously checks up on me, calls every hour, schedules me way too many closers, tries to get the other managers to stay and help me, or she just doesn’t ever leave. I appreciate the thought, but it’s really frustrating that she doesn’t think i can do my job. And when she does leave me alone in the store, she gives me a list of everything i did wrong. Way to kill my self esteem…

So to prove her wrong, I’m set on leaving the store as amazing as i possibly can. When she called tonight, i told her i couldn’t talk, because we were in the middle of pulling the grill and scrubbing the floors. And then we were off to tackle the dining room. She was very much amazed.

Our home Internet connection is busted. Has been for 3 months.
Dad won’t let anybody else fix it, but keeps promising to do it. He doesn’t know what to do. Dog in the manger. Always got to be the center of attention, always got to be in charge.

Gee, I hate to break topic in my own thread, but driving me crazy today is (drum roll)…Nobody. I’m embarassed to say I had a really good day today. I’m sure it was a fluke.

Although I see that there are a lot of boss issues. Let me tell you, I feel your pain. As Todd Rundgren sang in that 5 o’clock Friday anthem “Bang The Drum All Day:”“Every day when I get home from work/I feel so frustrated, the boss is a jerk/So I grab my sticks and go out to the shed/and I pound that drum like it was the boss’ head.”

I strongly recommend this. It’s good for what ails ya.

Hey, I just remembered, there is someone driving me crazy. The freaking vending machine guy. Still no Hot Fries. Look out, Falcon, I’ll be paying you a visit in the workplace!

Better hurry! I move to a new building Monday! (Which is closer to you, I think…we’re moving to Gateway Drive.)

My annoyance is twofold. The IDIOT Marketing Director at work, who, in response to an email saying that the ENTIRE network will be down all weekend to get it set up for the move, emails back saying “Does this mean I can’t get email? That’s too inconvenient for me.” SO WHAT? We’ll all be better off without you emailing us, TRUST ME!

And then tomorrow I have to go for an hour of “phone training” in the new building. Which I don’t need. Just show me how to get into my voicemail and dial an outside line, and I’ll be fine. This should take 5 minutes, TOPS. Hell, not even that - just hand me the damn manual.

(Yes, work is rapidly getting on my nerves, how could you tell?)

My girlfriend is driving me crazy, but it isn’t her fault. It is mine. I can’t stop thinking about her for some reason. I’m having trouble concentrating at work. Damn, I told myself I wouldn’t let this happen again.

It is, in fact. I do at least three runs a day to Gateway Drive, where they have apparently discovered how to plant seeds and grow office buildings.

Astro Hog: Your problem is apparent. Could it be love? If a cure is in order, I recommend drug therapy consisting of alternating cable TV and bourbon whiskey. Otherwise, learn to enjoy the affliction.