Who's ever printed their own checks?

I bought some check writing software today (I can’t seem to locate my box of checks - (they’re buried here somewhere!) and I have to write bills). It was pretty easy to set up and use.

Anybody else use such software? Have any problems with the checks being accepted?

I’ve done it for a few years, never had a problem.

Yeah, I used that once, but I lost the stupid CD, and it was apparently an older version, so I couldn’t replace it (without buying a whole new program). I loved the convenience, as well as the neatness of printing the whole thing already filled out. I never had any problem with them being accepted either.

I’ve been meaning to get another program, just keep forgetting to do it! :slight_smile:

I ended up getting VersaCheck Silver for $29.95 (with a $10 rebate!).

That’s the brand I used, but I don’t remember the version. It was kinda cool, the way I happened to purchase it, though.

I was in an office supplies store and saw all these CD-ROMs for about $10. The VersaCheck CD was one of them. I saw that I could get the CD and refill paper for less than the bundle pack that had all the materials in it, so that’s what I decided to do. When I got to the checkout, they couldn’t get a price to ring up for the CD. Turned out that the CD was supposed to be part of a promo (“buy this program, try VersaCheck FREE!”) and wasn’t priced for individual sale. So they let me buy the paper and sold me the CD for a penny! Cost me a bit less than $10 for the whole shebang!

The Master says that checks can be written on just about anything (painting it on a door, chiselling it on a stone tablet etc.). People don’t have to accept weird forms of checks but the courts have repeatedly ruled that such instruments are valid and the bank must cash them.