Who's fit?

Not Sexy fit, I mean aerobically and that. I just took the bleep test and got to level 10-8 which calculates to a VO2max just below excellent (since I’m older than I care to admit).

I have never measured my “athletic” abilities at all before, I have no idea how long it takes me to cover a mile and I don’t time or measure my runs or take my heart-rate. I run to stay fit not to compete, even if just with myself.

Now I have an objective measure I’m feeling blinking motivated. I’m gonna go for a run later today. And tomorrow. I will crack 11 next week.

Anyone else done this test?
Beat me? (for proper athletes that’s a given)
Other non-athletes how do you stay motivated?

How do I stay motivated?

I’m 46 y.o., naturally slender to muscular in build. I stay motivated by noticing what happens to most thin guys when they hit middle age…they usually develop a little “volleyball” pot-belly, and I’m not having any of it.

I spend about an hour doing weights, three days a week, and I do cardio on the other two days, or sometimes I switch that around and do cardio three days and weights two.

How fit am I? Well, I’m in decent shape, fairly strong, but not awesomely so.