Who's from the smallest town?

OK, it looks like this may be something I can beat most people at.

Who on this board is from the smallest town?

For this thread, we will define the town you live in as the town where you get your mail, whether you actually live in the town or not. (I don’t, I live 5 miles outside of town, far enough where I can’t get a decent phone line, I can only connect as fast as 24K baud)

Bangor, MI, 49013 pop 1,922 according to AAA 1996 road atlas

I’m going to cheat because, while the town I live in now is pretty small, it’s not as small as the town I grew up in as a kid, so that’s the one I want to use.

Actually, like you, I lived about 5 or 6 miles outside of town, but had that town’s zip code:

Willamina, OR 97396 pop. 1790

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If anyone lives in Big Falls, WI, they win. My father claims the population of Big Falls is 75.

Edmeston NY Zip 13335
Population – 788

Those are the 1990 Census numbers but trust me when I say that there hasn’t been a huge influx of population in the last decade. My graduating class was 35, my sister’s was 28. The school district includes most or parts of about 6 surrounding towns. We do have a traffic light in town but it’s only temporary for the one lane bridge that’s being worked on. When the bridge is done we’ll revert to the 3 stop signs at the four corners at the center of town. There is only one gas station/conveniance store in the town and both the small groceries that used to be in town closed in the last couple of years. There is a hardware store and also a movie rental/bad eatery place (don’t ask you don’t want to know). A small lawyers office, bank branch, and funeral home also exist. Our biggest employer is New York Central Mutual Insurance, about 600 employees in three different locations, the main one here in Edmeston emp. maybe 400. When the main employer has almost as many employees as the town population you know that there is quite a bit of commuter traffic twice daily, especially for 3 stop signs to handle. You also know it’s a company town.

Looks like I’m coming in second, so far.

Wurtland, KY – Population 1221. Sa-lute!

Carpe hoc!

I never win!!! Man… (my hometown is Tucson… 1 million and growing as of '90)

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I am sure some of you have me beat, but up until last fall, we didn’t even have a stop light. We now have ONE.

There used to be only one grocery/gas/taxidermy/garage and it was the size of my living room. All the farmers would meet there every morning to sit on the bags of feed and drink coffee and bullshit. The gas pumps were self serve unless you were female, and then you would get full service. You could run a tab with nothing but signing your name on the yellow note pad on the counter. At any given time, not only did you know every person who might be shopping, you also knew everything about their family, pets, horse, you name it.

Sadly, they had to widen the road to put up our one and only signal light. It put traffic (traffic - ha ha) too close to the gas pumps so he was forced to shut them down. Within a year he closed shop and retired. Without the gas sales, he couldn’t make it.

Damn progress.


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Beattyville, KY–1300. I figured I had a shot here, but I’ve already been beaten even for the state of KY. :slight_smile:

Interesting story about the traffic lights–a girl from my little burg was poised to be the next big breakout in Nashville. (Didn’t happen–last I heard she was working at J.C. Penny.) The Lexington paper had a story about her, in which she described herself as being from “a little town with one red light”.

Lo and behold, within two months, two more traffic lights went up in Beattyville. One is questionably useful; the other is entirely superfluous. But at least we are now ahead of nearby Stanton, which has two.

Moved to Lex six years ago, but the stories are still priceless.

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I’m from a quaint little village called New York City.

The sound you are hearing is Satan leaving this thread, never to return…

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Lakesite, Tennessee
Population: ~500

The town’s only been its own for about three years, and by extending the borders about two blocks, we’re doubling the size! I don’t know the exact population because it didn’t exist in 1990, but local records usually state a number in the 300-500 range.


Can’t play like that, I grew up 3 miles north of Bloomingdale, population 503.

Bloomingdale has a flashing stop light, but Bangor doesn’t have anything more than a yellow caution where M43 (hello Bunny Girl) goes past the lumber company.

I’ll leave NYC to Satan and such. We had a fellow here from Germany, working on our quality system at work. He was forever going to Chicago, got me to go with him once, but that was enough for me.

I am from Glendale, California. It is a suburb of Los Angeles. It is rather large, and in S. CA, all the cities sort of blend together anyway. So, no, I don’t qualify either.

I have lived in a smaller, midwestern town for a little while, and I find that some people are Big City people, some people are Small People. There is nothing wrong with either type, they are just different types. I am a Big City person, to be sure. I would not like living in a small town where everyone knows who you are. I realize that it has it’s value, and sometimes it sounds really nice. But I am too old to change. I am forever a Big City person!

Err—what I meant by “Small People” is “Small TOWN People”. Sorry about the typo! Certainly not saying that Small Town People are “small”! (Unless they live in Smallville!) Oh, I’m sorry…I am losing it now. I need to stop.

Mr.Knowitall & DoctorJ – we might want to get together sometime; I’m currently in Frankfort. I started out in Louisville, technically, but the place I spent my childhood was a veteran’s housing project which lay to either side of Bowman Field airfield in Louisville, and was technically a very (4th?5th? class) small town. We had our own (two) police officers and post office. It was simply called Bowman Field Housing Project and was shut down in the late 50’s’; at the end, I think no more than a dozen families lived there.

Since this is rapidly become the Bluegrass thread, I’ll say my little piece – Bagdad, KY population ~600.

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My summer home is on Martha’s Vineyard, MA in a town called Chilmark.
Winter population: 919

However, since I’m there during the summer, I might as well add this:
Summer population: 6086 (sigh)

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One more thing I felt like adding. I currently attend grad school in Nebraska, where there are plenty of small towns. I live in Lincoln, the state capitol with about 200,000.

Looking through Nebraska’s towns, I see a town in the Sand Hills called Monowi, with a population of 6.

Lots of two-digit population towns here.

“It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in an argument” - William McAdoo

I grew up in Cadyville, NY. We all figured we were smarter than those NYC people, because everybody in Cadyville knew about New York City but nobody in New York City knew about Cadyville.

Tuscon AZ? Latest population est is 449,002. Metro Area is 767,873.

But I understand the feeling of not winning. I’m from Chicago. 2.7 million people (8 Million Consolidated Metro Area).

Crimanantly, Frank! I’ve been to Bagdad lots, recently. Wot a small woild, indeedy!