Who's going to happy hour?

I am in such a blow-it-all-off mood that I’m heading to the 8th Street Bar in downtown Minneapolis at 4 PM for the hour that is happy.

I needs ta get mah beer awn.

Anybody else going to happy hour today? Where?

Amen! I’ll be at Bennigan’s about 5:30, then on to JD’s Bait Shop (local watering hole).

Yummy beer!!

Unless I hear about an “official” happy hour from my friends, I may go to Uptown Brewery to see if a friend of mine from Choral Union is there (he usually is). The Choral Union just got back from a tour of Australia and I’d like to hear how the trip went. (He went; I didn’t. I didn’t have an extra $3000 to spend on the tour. :frowning: )

Then again, maybe I’ll hit 8th St. Bar or JD’s Bait Shop.

Not happy hour, but party at the bosses house at 7pm!!


(not sarcastic – my boss is cool)

For a minute I thought you were here in Minneapolis, Strain. You freaked me out.

J.D.'s Bait shop in Englewood, Colorado!

You mean you were frightened that I may be in the same city as you, Canthearya? I understand.

Hmm, I havent been the Bait Shop in a long while, maybe I’ll have to take a trip down south sometime this weekend.

Are you guys all serious??? I would love to have a Straight Dope party at JD’s!!! I’m not sure when I’ll get there, but maybe around 7 PM???

OK, now I got it…there must be one in Arizona too??

D’oh! :wink:

Yep, same here. I finally get to show off psycat to all my coworkers. :wink:

Unless everyone wants to meet at the bait shop in a few hours.


(Sorry Monster, had to do it.)

I was talking about the one in Colorado, Although I always thought that side of the street was in Greenwood Village.

There’s no JD’s here monster (although, now that you mention it, maybe there is). I was just being a smart-ass to you and Canthearya, and as an added bonus, mess with your heads.

I really do. Today can blow me.

Except I’m 19 and alcohol makes me sick. Damn.

Have fun! I’m with all of you in spirit.

Then again why wait till I make it to a bar. I think I’ll just wander over to the beer fridge and start now. Hehe, I love Boulder company culture.

Don’t worry. One day you’ll be 21, and alcohol won’t make you sick anymore.

Damn! If I would have read this a few hours sooner, I would have met you there. ::sigh:: I’m beginning to think I’ll never meet another Doper.

You rang?

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–Much Ado About Nothing, Act 2, Scene i