Who's got the best smile in show biz or elsewhere?

Misha Collins has a great smile:


Now it’s your turn.

I think Renee Zellweger has a great smile, although some would disagree.

Claire Robinson gets my vote.

Tara Fitzgerald

Amanda Peet, there’s a woman in my building who would give Amanda a run for her money. She makes my heart stop every time I see her.

My younger son has a megawatt smile. When he had minor surgery as a pre-teen, when the surgeon came out to tell us it went okay the first thing he said was, “Your son has an incredible smile. When they wheeled him in it lit up the room. Whatever he chooses to do in life, he’ll go far.”
We thanked him and asked how he was.
“Oh!” the surgeon said. “He’s fine. Everything went well.” :smiley:

One of the current champs in Jeopardy’s “Tournament of Champions.” His name is Justin Sausville. Play his video, and you’ll see a little of his smile at 0:59. It gets even bigger than that.

Nominating Julian McMahon too: http://bestof.provocateuse.com/show/julian_mcmahon

I love Ace Young’s smile. He was on American Idol in 2006, and has since starred in a couple broadway musicals (Grease & Hair) and done TV appearances.

(that’s my hat he’s wearing in ths one)

Elizabeth Mitchell(AKA Juliet from Lost).

In the “elsewhere” category there’s a guy who works at the hospital I work and and whenever he sees someone (I ASSUME it’s not just me) his face breaks into the most enthusiastic smile. It’s totally infectious, and speaking as the most dour unpleasant person in the world, I CANNOT not smile myself as a result of being exposed to it. Every time I see him it makes my day.

I go weak in the knees for Ellen Barkins crooked smile. Botox had taken much of its charm, though.

Young Bette Midler, never was a classic beauty, but her smile could lit up a room. And I noticed even as a young kid. Her teeth were less perfect then, but that made her smile even better. Here she is now.

And my son, of course.

Tiger Woods

At one time, Mary Tyler Moore.

Lately, not so much so.

I’m with Maastricht. I find any shy, sideways grin appealing, no matter the age, sex, or occupation of the grinner.

I love Katie Holmes’ crooked grin. Google Images/Katie Holmes smile

Piper Perabo

Wonder if she’s got a crooked philtrum/deviated septum like I do. I smile
crooked (ly?) too!

I think Sarah Shahi is probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

Ethel Waters.

Well, nothing say’s sexy like an overbite. So, Geena Davis, Claudia Schiffer, Hillary Swank, Julia Roberts, Beverly DeAngelo and Olivia D’Abo all rank high. But my toothy topping gal was Gene Tierney