Who's in costume at work today?

I dressed up as Roxie Hart from Chicago. Super-short silver dress with 6-inch fringe, blonde wig, tons of makeup, and 3-inch heels. I actually came in second in the costume contest! :slight_smile: I lost to a woman in an inflatable pumpkin suit, but I still got a $25 gift certificate.

In my quad, we also had a female vampire, Norman Bates from Psycho, and one of the monks from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We were the only quad that really got into Halloween this year. It was kind of a disappointment.

I’m dressed as an elf, LOTR style, not Keebler. :slight_smile: Pointy ears, long flowing dress, cloak, leaf brooch.

We also have an FBI agent, a bat, some kind of demon, Carol Burnett, several witches, a she-devil, and lots of other people with unidentifiable costumes. I’d say about a quarter of us dressed up.

In my work area everyone dressed up but me.

We had a medieval lady, two escaped prisoners, a grim reaper, a biker, a cowgirl and a football player.

I went home early.


I won second prize in the office contest (see above) which was $40.

I was happy…

The woman who won (she had a very nice bee costume) came over to me and, pointing to the toy tiger strapped to my neck, whispered, “bet that is the closest you have been to pussy in a long time.”

I cracked up…the whole office knows I am the token (open) Gay and that just set me off. I told a few co-workers what she said, and one by one I heard offices bust out in roaring laughter as the story spread. I am now a legend at work.

All in all, a very nice office Halloween party!

WhooHooo! Is the web cam working? :wink:

Trick or treat!

Got any candy left over?

Nope. Got an honorable mention in the floor-wide competition (which carries with it a prize of nothing) and didn’t even make the final cut of the company-wide one. My bitch of a boss took second in the managers/supervisors contest which considering she stole my idea from last year should entitle me to half of her prize.