Who's in costume at work today?

I’m dressed as a bat, another guy is costumed as a skeleton, and there’s also a clown.

How about you and your office?

I’m a guy with a bad case of road rash. We have a Medieval princess (she looks pretty good too!), a belly dancer, a pilot (complete with jumpsuit) and Merlin. But the best costume is a young guy who shave his head in the classic middle aged guy with a completed case of male pattern baldness. He is dressed just like a guy we work with, who has the hair.

We have a clown, a santa, a pinhead, an army guy, and a pimp.
I thought about it, and decided against. I am just dusted with alot of glitter.

I came to class dressed as Professor McGonagall today. We just finished reading Twelfth Night in my drama class and we’re starting A Doll’s House, both of which have a ton of stuff about costuming and disguise, so I figured it would fit.

Dunno if any of the other grad students or professors in my department are dressed up, but none of my students were.

I’m Confucius with pointy ears. I don’t know why the ears – I just had 'em, so I decided to use them. No one else in my lab is in costume.

In my department we have: a witch; a fairy princess (which is what I did last year, how original); a ladybug; a rhinestone cowboy; two oompah-loompahs, spaghetti and meatballs (hilarious!); and candy corn (although in my opinion she looks like a french manicured fingernail). I’m dressed as a professional wrestler and a cow-orker is my sexy manager.

I think we have the highest percentage of participation. My floor is having a costume contest that starts in about 15 minutes. I was ROBBED last year (still bitter) so wish me luck!

I have a toy stuffed tiger strapped to my neck, with a bloody bandage wrapped around my neck.

I am wearing a badge that says, “Secret Garden Employee Authorization: Status - Temp”

We have about 1/3 in costume, but it is a slow day…believe it or not, October 31 is “Nevada Day” and a Nevada State holiday…most employees with kids are home today.

I’m wearing a jester’s cap, complete with bells.

My husband just left for the coffee shop where he works, clad in chainmail and the Aragorn coat I made him last year, and carrying a practice Tai Chi sword.

I’m gonna be in red-and-silver 18th century when I go to work. The manager nixed me showing up in bellydance gear.

I’m dressed up as a corporate drone who spends his days in an IT department. People say I’ve really nailed the role.

I am dresed as the devil complete with stand up tail.

Aah, the beauty of disorganization. Our belly dancer never thought to ask … (Anyway, she is wearing a white top underneath, which keeps it office appropriate.)

I’m a pirate. I’ve only seen a couple people in the building dressed up today, all women. We don’t seem to get into it much.

The coolest at-work outfit I’ve seen isn’t being worn by somebody in our office, it’s across the street where the window cleaner is dangling by a single rope from the side of a building wearing a full Spider Man costume.

I’m dressed for work - always do! I’m a Medieval Queen. I’m carrying around a basket with a beauty school head in it. I’m telling people it was the previous queen.

We have a Dorothy from Oz complete with sparkly red shoes. We also have a woman dressed as a fix-it handy man. There is the Queen of England. We had a bit of a show down in the hallway. I threatened to make her the next head in the basket. There is a cowgirl and finally a vampire lady.

We used to have so many more people dressing up. I really miss that. I love Halloween!!!

Hey Otto! Didja win?!?

Our contest stars in half an hour.

half term here - week off school. Usually if we’re at school for halloween, we have to wear uniform anyway, but I do the whole goth thing if i can get away with it.

I’m at home and naked today. :smiley:

Sadly, the extremely hot young woman upstairs who came as a belly dancer last year has left the company. As she walked down the halls, conversation just died out among men and women alike. She had olive skin and classic beauty and hooters that wouldn’t quit.

Maybe I should go home and see what the wife is doing…

I dressed up in what I wear to Faire: simplified a bit since it was 81 degrees out today. (Chemise, bodice. No extra skirt, no belt with lots of stuff on around my waist.)

There was one other person dressed like a clown, that I saw, and that was it. :frowning: (Come on people! Today is the perfect day to dress funny/oddly/weirdly/etc.! Take the oppertunity and run with it!)

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