Who's Insulted?

If a woman calls her son a son-of-a-bitch should he be insulted?

If a son calls his father a motherfucker should the father be insulted?

If there’s a pit where donkeys are put should anybody be insulted by calling it an asshole?

Are there other sayings and expressions that lose their punch under specific circumstances?

>If a son calls his father a motherfucker should the father be insulted?

This one might still be interpreted as insinuating the father is having intercourse with his own mother, so I would say yes.


If a father calls his son a bastard.

That’s just confusing.

If your mother is in the army, is it really much of an insult if somebody tells you, “Your mother wears army boots”?



And what if your mother did smell of elderberries and your father was a hamster?

Oddly, I just some elderberry wine from a place in West Virginia.

No jokes now!

If you’re in therapy and someone says your crazy…

‘Ow my bloody arm hurts’ Isn’t rude should your arm actually be bleeding.
What about calling your pet dog a son of a bitch?

Reminds me of a scene from a historic / commedy film which I can’t now name, but think it was a Mel Brooks film.
When someone calls Oedipus a blind mother-fucker.

It’s when it’s true that it hurts the most, and THANK YOU very much for reminding me :mad:

[ul]:rolleyes: [sup]& Grandma ain’t going too be thrilled either.[/sup][/ul]

The Frito Bandito a “cheesedick”?

Mr. Whipple an “asswipe”?

Beavis a “Butthead”?

The Michelin Man “tiresome”?

A pedophile “childish”?

People named Richard “dickheads”?