Who's responsible for bible tract litter?

Once it’s on my car, that is. It just galls me that I’m forced to actually take care of it just because some nut thinks I ought to read it. Not that I would enjoy littering by throwing it on the ground, but it would be nice if there were some recourse (such as charging the perpetrator for any littering caused by the tracts if you could prove it).

AFAIK, the person who throws the litter on the ground is the one who’s legally responsible for “littering”, not the missionary or the pizza parlor or the person running for public office who stuck their flyers under your windshield wipers.

Some tracts do have the name and address of a local church printed on them, and if you really feel strongly about it, you can contact them and make your displeasure known.

Ditto for the pizza parlor, and as for the mayoral wannabe, just vote for the other idjit.

So I can legally go out to a parking lot and dump all my trash on someone’s car? Sweet… :smiley:

I’ve found that tracts tend to be put on car windows for the same reason parking tickets are: you notice them, and the windshield wipers (when placed correctly) keep the paper from falling off.

The ones who spamtract parking lots are working on a twisted assumption: Lot was saved from Sodom, and I can save this “lot.” :wink: The ones who tract restrooms are called privy-vangelists.:slight_smile:

It is not my garbage, they put litter on my car, not my responsibility. (Doesn’t matter if it’s religous or whatever.)

Duck Duck Goose and ftg have given the two competing theories. Anyone got any cites or relevant legal expertise to say who’s right?

Oh, and does the answer depend on whether the flyer is commercial, political or religious?

Can I come over and put all my junk mail under your wipers?

In public lots, local laws apply. In private parking lots, the owner of the parking lot sets the policy. In places that ban this activity, the reason is usually because people just drop them on the ground. So I guess the lesson is, if you don’t want to get them anymore, make them a nuisnance by dropping them on the ground, and then somebody will outlaw them.


Hey!!! :mad: :smiley:

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