Who's responsible for the 'Indian' label ?

I’m an Indian (and not the American kind.)

Is is Columbus’s mistake that the term coined for natives on the American continents are called “Indians” ?

According to this Staff Report, which includes links to Columbus’s original letter, Columbus is the one responsible.

I think you meant to post this in GQ. (Or more accurately, in Comments on Staff Reports - which I’ll link to, as the Straight Dope has covered this topic.)

Does “Indian” derive from Columbus’s description of Native Americans as “una gente in Dios”?

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From Biography.com

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Columbus… what a doof. (Except, he did have internet access, if a staff report can link to his letter… Hmmm…)

One wonders what American aboriginals would’ve been called…? I’ll search/post that in Comments.

Blackfeet, crow, sioux, eighty some other names…

No, no, no. As a group

Any ideas?

American Aboriginals sounds pretty good to me.

Or if you’re Canadian, you might say First Nations. But that’s rare south of the border. And I don’t know if all groups were organized enough to be called nations in the modern sense of the word.

Why is this in The Pit?

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I normally use “Amerind”, although some linguists are now using the word in a somewhat restricted sense.

He thought he’d landed in India so they were all called “Indians.” Imagine if he thought he’d landed in China, they’d all be called Kung Pao.