Who's Seen the Sean Cullen Show?

It’s a new show, only on it’s fifth or sixth episode. And, it’s on the CBC, so I’m not expecting too many people to have seen it. But,…

It is pure genius. Well, not pure, but it’s frickin’ hillarious. They got the evil German woman, Winston the cellar dweller, and Sean Cullen.

Not ze hair, never ze hair!

(checks around, not in Pit…)

Aw, mouse poop!

I’ve been using that as an alias for over a year now! It was going to be my pen name.

Well, maybe my website will get a few more hits now when people search for this guy.

I occasionally see bits of it while I’m waiting for Made In Canada (Funniest. Show. Ever.) to start.

I’m afraid I don’t get it. It doesn’t make me laugh. It doesn’t seem to have a plot, but it also doesn’t seem to not have a plot. It’s not a variety show. It’s not sketch-com. It’s not improv. It’s not sit-com.

Structurally speaking, it seems to most closely resemble a children’s show, though it’s not family viewing. I don’t think it knows what it wants to be and the end result is just a mess.