Who's the Best Aggregate Football Team Ever?

If you were to take all 32 NFL Franchises and create a team that features the best player at each position, in the prime of when they played, from any player that has ever played for that team, who would be the best team?

Some caveats to my thoughts:

  • I’m talking about the starting 22 players. We don’t need to go any further than that since we don’t need to talk about subbing or any of that nonsense

  • The same player can be on multiple teams. Remember, as long as that player spent time on the field for that team, they qualify. Yes that means the Niners AND the Chiefs have Joe Montana, Niners, Raiders, and Hawks all have Jerry Rice, etc.

  • For the sake of argument and to make this a little more challenging, and to make it more fun, let’s put all of the players in TODAY’s game with TODAY’s rules. That means that Deacon Jones CANNOT use his head-slap because that would incur a penalty. Also none of those facemask grabs that they used back in the '50s.

  • That last rule being said, the players know this and can play by today’s rules (they don’t have to learn them or anything) but keep this in consideration if you want to have a certain player over another
    I’ll weigh in on this eventually (I want to see how the thread goes first)

So the Jets, Vikings, and Packers all get to start prime-of-his-career Brett Favre?

Atlanta, too. But the Packers would probably be better off with Aaron Rodgers.

As a random data point, the Bears have the most players in the Hall of Fame (32).

Yup! So the Viking fan could ask do they want prime-of-his-career Favre (INTs and all…) or POIC Cunningham? Same with Atlanta, want Favre? Vick? Steve DeBerg?

And therein is the debate for each teams fans!

I notice you only list players, but what about the coach? They’re the ones calling the plays and deciding the scheme, and a player that works well in one scheme might be crap at another.

Oh wow, I never thought about that.

I think that we should include coaches and schemes should be taken into account

Well, if we stick JUST to Hall of Famers, the Packers have Hall of Famers at 15 positions:

Coach: Vince Lombardi
QB: Bart Starr (Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers may be better)
RB: Paul Hornung
RB: Jim Taylor
WR: Don Hutson
Center: Jim Ringo
Guard: Forrest Gregg
DT: Henry Jordan
DT: Cal Hubbard
DE: Reggie White
DE: Willie Davis
ILB: Ray Nitschke
OLB: Dave Robinson
Free Safety: Willie Wood
Strong safety: Emlen Tunnell
Cornerback: Herb Adderley

As you might imagine, the Steelers ain’t too shabby either. They have Hall of Famerrs at 13 positions. And a

Coach: Chuck Noll

QB: Terry Bradshaw
RB: Franco Harris
WR: John Stallworth
WR: Lynn Swann
C: Either Dermontti Dawson or Mike Webster

DT: Ernie Stautner
DT: Joe Greene
ILB: Jack Lambert
OLB: Jack Ham
Safety: Rod Woodson
CB: Mel Blount
CB: Jack Butler

Seems like a safe bet Jerome Bettis will be in soon, too.

I’ll give it a shot for Da Bears

C – Jay Hilgenberg
G – Stan Jones
G – Tom Thayer (when in doubt, pick someone from the ‘85 team)
OT – Joe Stydahar
OT – Jimbo Covert
WR – Brandon Marshall
WR – Alshon Jeffrey
TE – Mike Ditka
RB – Walter Payton
QB – Jim McMahon (this was a tough call. Sid Luckman is the consensus best Bears’ QB, but in the modern game, I doubt he could compete with Cutler or the punky QB. Jim McMahon’s main problems were staying healthy – his performance was quite good as long as he was on the field, so I say give him a shot)
I guess for the final OFF position, we’ll go with Marcus Robinson as a 3rd WR

DE – Richard Dent
DE – Julius Peppers
DT – Tommy Harris (his peak was ever so brief but he was a monster)
DT – Dan Hampton
LB – Dick Butkus
LB – Mike Singletary
LB – Brian Urlacher
CB – Charles Tillman
CB – Donnell Woolford (but keep an eye on Jennings and Fuller, those guys are good)
SS – Mike Brown
FS – Gary Fencik

Special Teams:
K – Kevin Butler
KR/PR – Devin Hester

For my Giants:

QB: Y.A. Tittle
RB: Frank Gifford
RB: Tuffy Leemans
C: Mel Hein

DE: Michael Strahan
DE: Andy Robustelli
OLB: Lawrence Taylor
ILB: Harry Carson
ILB: Sam Huff
FS: Emlen Tunnell

I can probably add Tiki Barber down the road

For the Raiders:

RB: Marcus Allen
WR: Fred Biletnikoff
TE: Dave Casper
G: Gene Upshaw
OT: Art Shell
C: Jim Otto

DE: Howie Long
LB: Ted Hendricks
CB: Willie Brown
CB: Mike Haynes


Coach: Don Shula

QB: Johnny Unitas
RB: Eric Dickerson
RB: Lenny Moore
WR: Raymond Berry
TE: John Mackey

DE: Gino Marchetti
DT: Art Donovan
LB: Ted Hendricks

The Washington, er, R-words

QB: Sammy Baugh or Sonny Jurgensen
RB: John Riggins
RB: Cliff Battles
WR: Charlie Taylor
WR: Art Monk
Guard: Russ Grimm

LB: Chris Hanburger
Strong Safety: Ken Houston
CB: Darrell Green

So let’s do something with this.

Let’s put our heads together and put together each team. Then we can have the teams play it out and see who the champ is.

This’ll probably be a lot of work on my part…so if I can formally organize it, would anyone want to play? Could be a fun debate

Nice team. One change I’d make for sure is on that 11th offensive player. I’d figure out a way to scheme with two RB’s and add Gale Sayers. I’d probably go with Luckman at QB, but really, with a backfield featuring Payton and Sayers who cares who the QB is?

Cleveland Browns:

QB: Otto Graham
RB: Jim Brown
RB: Marion Motley
WR: Paul Warfield
WR: Dante Lavelli
TE: Ozzie Newsome
C: Frank Gatski
OT: Mike McCormack

DE: Len Ford
DT: Bill Willis

Minnesota Vikings

QB: Fran Tarkenton
WR: Cris Carter
OT Ron Yary
G: Randall McDaniel

DT: Alan Page
DT: John Randle
DE: Carl Eller
DE: Chris Doleman
FS: Paul Krause

San Diego Chargers

QB: Dan Fouts
WR: Lance Alworth
WR: Charlie Joiner
TE: Kellen Winslow
OT: Ron Mix

DE: Fred Dean

The Baltimore Ravens don’t have a lot of history to work with, but they’re better than I expected them to be.

QB: Steve McNair
RB: Jamal Lewis, with Priest Holmes as a change of pace back
WR: Steve Smith, Anquan Boldin, Derrick Mason
TE: Shannon Sharpe, Todd Heap
OT: Jonathon Ogden, Orlando Brown
G: Marshall Yanda, Edwin Mulitalo
C: Matt Birk

DT: Kelly Gregg, Haloti Ngata
DE: Rob Burnett, Michael McCrary
MLB: Ray Lewis
OLB: Terrell Suggs, Peter Boulware
CB: Deion Sanders, Chris McAllister
S: Ed Reed, Rod Woodson

PR: Jermaine Lewis
KR: Jacoby Jones
K: Matt Stover
P: Kyle Richardson

There are a lot of players who had their best years with other teams (McNair, Sharpe, all three wideouts), and a few who made the team by default (e.g. Heap, Mulitalo). The right side of the o-line (Brown and Mulitalo) is pretty shaky, but the defense is awfully strong. Not a bad lineup for a team that’s been around less than 20 years.