Who's the best female baseball player ever?

Not that there have been any women in the major leagues, but in the history of women’s leagues, who is considered to be the best female baseball player of all time?

Don’t know if she was ever in a league, but Babe D. Zaharias seems to have been a stud at everything else. I think I’ve seen her swinging a bat . . .

I say it was Geena Davis she was way better than Madonna, and Rosie.

Sorry, waxteeth. It was Rosie. See here.

I’d say it was Mike Piazza. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

you are correct samclem !!
I remember now Rosie was the best. She could really mash. I wish she would go back to baseball.

Ya bunch weisenheimers!

Betch if I shoot this over to IMHO somebody will take the bait and do the research from the real women’s baseball leagues.

I know nothing about women’s baseball, but the only name I do know is Ila Borders. Since I’ve heard of her, she must be pretty good. She was a pitcher, and I think she is retired, but that’s all I can think of.