Who's the guy in the Expedia surfing commercial?

There’s a new Expedia commercial where the husband asks his wife if she wants surfing lessons with her next vacation, she says “sure”, then he has a fantasy where some smooth dude is romancing her on her surfboard in the water. He decides they should go horseback riding instead.

Does anyone recognize the actor that plays the surfing instructor? I swear I have seen that guy somewhere before but I can’t place him, and searching IMDb Bios for “Expedia” doesn’t reveal this in his “Other works” section.

Harumph. Maybe I should start a “Stump the Band / Threads that were never answered” thread.

That it’s Jaason Simmons. He seemed familiar to me too, and the beach environment of the commercial reminds me of Baywatch, which he was on for a while (which I watched only during bored late-night channel-surfing, I assure you!). Unfortunately, there aren’t many photos of him the way I remember him on the show (the Photo Gallery link has none, though there is one not-so-good one if you look up his name on Google Images), so I can’t confirm, which is why I didn’t post this before. But you can give it a shot.