Who's the hottest hottie in the LPGA?

In one of the all-time shallowest questions I’ve ever posted, what female golfer is the hottest currently on tour? The media is constantly bombarding us with images of gorgeous tennis players (e.g.-Anna Kournikova) but I never hear about golfers.

Is there a conscious effort not to promote women’s golf in terms of physical beauty? I remember some years back the brouhaha over some provocative photos of Jan Stephenson…could it be that the LPGA is purposely downplaying the sex angle, perhaps to keep a more dignified image of the sport?

In the meantime, there must be a babe out there swinging a club that I can, errr…jump on the bandwagon, so to speak. Opinions?

Jill McGill is an attractive LPGAer. As is Carin Koch IMO.

Us Farkers seem to be fond of Christie Kerr, but I think that has more to do with that picture of her kissing a trophy than anything else.

My top 3: My Hyun Kim, Grace Park, Se Ri Pak.

Kelli Kuehne

Now, off to sleep, perchance to dream …

Annika Sorenstam, who dominates women’s golf even more than Tiger Woods dominates men’s golf.

Excellence is sexy.

I remember seeing a show about the LPGA (how pathetic is my life?) and they went through the whole “sex sells” idea. The powers that be that run the LPGA had (and still have, IMHO) a big problem with the perception that the LPGA is littered with lesbians (and butch ones, at that), thereby making it a not-so-attractive draw for advertisers and fans. They pushed Jan Stephenson front and center because she was attractive and a heterosexual. There was also another female golfer (name escapes me) that was married and attractive that was put in front of the cameras for PR and commercials. The LPGA also allowed its members to wear shorts to spice up the babes and to get more males watching the golf. It has been marginally successful. Many of the LPGA members recognize that some attention to their sport is better than nothing, but aren’t crazy about the idea of beauty before talent. The LPGA still fights the butch-lesbian perception…

As Anna Kornikova has proven, looks are important… more important in some cases than talent. Their are very few men that would choose to watch Carrie Webb putting for birdie when they can watch Anna sweating in a cute, tight tennis outfit. Who cares if she loses?

Natalie Gulbis would get my vote. She actually wins now and again too, unlike Anna.