Who's the most obscure actor referenced by UVA "Oracle Of Bacon?"


The “Oracle Of Bacon” computes “Bacon” numbers, the number of steps it takes to link an actor/actress to Kevin Bacon. The page above describes the “Center of the Hollywood Universe” factor, which is a result of processing the “Bacon number” of all of the nearly 800,000 people in the Internet Movie Database, but not just against Bacon. See the page for a better description.

The page shows the chart of the “worst” center, who could ne described as the most obscure. But, it doesn’t mention the name.

Anybody know who this is, or a way to find out (without calculating 800,000 centers)?

This has been covered before, but I don’t recall when. IIRC, it was an army officer (a general?) who appeared in a handful of silent films in the late 19th century.

If you’re looking for obscure, you can’t go wrong with Charles Cullen. He’s a local professional dumpster diver with a cable-access TV show called “Chicken Chat”, which showcases his puppetry and songwriting skills (or lack thereof). He’s made a few horrendous movies. Only one (Super Badass) is referenced by IMDb, but his repetoire also includes Boogeyman, Boogeyman 2, and Killer Klowns from Kansas on Krack. I only wish I were making this up.

Well, after a couple of wasted hours on this thing, I can determine that any actor can be linked to any other actor.

A child actor who’s played one role in an independent Canadian film can be linked to a bit-part player in an independent Vietnamese film.

A nearly-forgotten German expressionist silent-film actor can be linked to the Wayan Brothers.

Japanese voice actors can be linked to Rudolph Valentino.

I can’t create a distance larger than 5 films. Anybody?

I found it last time (back in 2001 I think) by fooling around with all those 1890s films. I started off with one of the presidents from the turn of the century and the playing around with the various other men in those films. Working back and forth with the Oracle and IMDb. Can’t believe you can’t google for it. Seems like someody would want to spill the beans.

Wikipedia has an entry for Bacon Number which talks bout this guy. And he does vaguely ring a bell. I’m almost positive if you find my post from the 2001 discussion of this you’ll find WRS in my post. His current number is 8. He was at 10 when the article was written. He was in the low teens way back in 2001.

Now go find the other 12 people with a BN of 8.

Remember, this isn’t about Bacon numbers. It’s about replacing Bacon with the person in question (call him or her ‘X’), where the people in the IMDB have an average “X number” of 9.200.

In other words, Rev is not looking for William Rufus Shafter, who has an average of 9.071.

Ahh, oops. It doesn’t look like anyone but the people at the Oracle know it. I suppose it’s possible to beg them for the answer. The only way I can think to look for it is to just go through as many dead ends as possible. The only reason we ever found Shafter was that he was in the same dead end as McKinley. It looks like the only clue you have that you’re getting close is that the last 3 numbers should have 183, 14 and 1 people in them. Find a dead end with those three numbers at the bottom and you’re very close.

So it’s not Shafter’s dead end. (100, 36, 1)
Nor Queen Emma of the Netherlands’ dead end. (859, 96, 11)