Who's the most powerful person in the world?

I don’t mean the richest, neither the President of the U.S.A. (I guess there are many levels ABOVE the White House). Who may he/she be?

Kathryn Harris?

Au contraire. I say Alan Greenspan, who will keep his position in perpetuity, irrespective of what Kathryn Harris does.

Powerful in what arena? Fashion? Finance? Hollywood? The marketing of farmhouse cheese? Parade magazine?

And how would you define “power”? To make people do things? The power to say “I will” and have it be done? The only person I know who has that kind of power is God, and I don’t think He’s into sharing, even with Alan Greenspan.

Brian Boitano.

Influential arena. THE man. I mean Lex Luthor-like power.

**The only person I know who has that kind of power is God.

No offense to religious people, but I don’t think God can be considered as a “person”. He doesn’t pay taxes and has no SS number.

Adam Weisshupt?

howie long- he is on every commercial for every product

No one else’s decisions affect me so instantly and so completely.

With most of the country fighting over who I’m going to ignore for the next four years, this has never been clearer.

Well, of course it depends on “powerful to what end.” For control of desktop software, talk to Bill Gates. For international interest rates, Alan Greenspan. For the proper location of threads on the SDMB, well, modesty forbids.

Off to IMHO.

Like the 15 minute rule for fame, there’s a similar effect for politicians.

Perot may have made a difference as a king maker by endorsing Bush, although he would have been more powerful had he done it earlier.

Nader took 15 minutes on election night, only to be supplanted by the Floridians.

When Bill Gates was pulled over for that famous traffic ticket, he was not powerful at all.