Who's the woman singing on the Miller beer commercial?

There’s a Miller beer commercial, playing a lot during the NCAA basketball tournament right now. It has an organ, drum, and guitar as far as I can tell.
A woman with a slighly hoarse voice (sounds similar to Joss Stone) is singing one line from the slowish, blues-ish song:

Something told me, it was over…

Anyone know the singer, song??

Perhaps Etta James 'I’d Rather Go Blind"

You can hear a sample here at Amazon.com:

It’s definetly that song by looking at the lyrics. Not sure if it’s her though. I can’t hear the link you provided because my pc is too old, somethings messed up with my sound and it won’t play a Windows Media sample. I found it on another cd w/Real Player, but it sounds too old to be that particluar cut.

Commercial sounds more like a white woman, 25 - 40 yrs old, sounds more recent production. I’ll have to watch bball again to catch it. They show it at least once an hour during the games.