Who's this lady in the JG Wentworth ad?

Can any of you tell me? She’s the lady in the peach-colored jacket. I KNOW I’ve seen her elsewhere.


HEY! That’s “The People’s Court” music! INFRINGEMENT! INFRINGEMENT!

She looks a little like Angela Bassett.

Gotta hand it to them, they have awesome commercials. This oneis my favorite.

Question- are there really that many people with structured settlements or annuities out there? I’m just not seeing this being a big market. Sort of like those “we buy gold” ads where they show people bringing in what appears to be a hand full of booty from a pirate chest.

It’s my money, and I want JG Wentworth to take half of it.

Right? And how many people have that Spastic Leg Syndrome?

Thank you for asking that! I always wondered that too.

Being unemployed for periods in the past I learned that there are a lot of people with structured settlements who are the apparent demographic that technical colleges are interested in and potentially have a rare form of lung cancer that could be remedied by suing the crap out of someone.

Virtually everyone that gets injured at work and has any type of permanent disability because of it gets a settlement, and the settlement gets paid out over months/years.

It might not seem like many people, but it’s probably more than you think. I blew out my shoulder at work, needed surgery, got a payout ever 8 months or so…in addition to not even seeing (or paying) a single medical bill.

Sure, people win the lottery or come out on top in cases against big companies and decide later they want the lump sum instead of monthly/yearly checks, but I’d guess that the majority of their clients are workers comp cases.