Who's watching the Joplin, Mo. memorial service?

There’s a memorial service in Joplin right now. I’ve caught a little on TV. I was surprised how very very Christian it got, not only from a Methodist preacher, but from the state governor.

Geez, does the word “non-sectarian” mean anything to y’all?

Unbelievable. I live in St. Louis and none of the local stations are carrying it. I guess golf is more important.:frowning:

I live in Springfield, and as far as I can tell in this corner of the state here “non-sectarian” means “a Baptist prayer AND an Assemblies of God prayer to make things even.” I suspect it’s on TV here.

I think they had a don’t-call-me-Baptist “independent Christian,” a Methodist of some variety, & a Roman Catholic. But I avoided the parts that were more church service & watched Obama’s speech, which was more the sort of thing I expect in this case: philosophically more or less Christian, but not in an in-your-face way.

I was in the Dallas airport waiting for my flight to St. Louis, and it was on some monitors. People were stopped around it, watching. I don’nothingnything about it - was it supposed to be non-sectarian?

Apparently not.

I was raised devout, & on reflection I can understand Christians wanting a service with some religious meaning, but for a tragedy like this, when I heard, “memorial service,” I expected a bit less Jesus & a bit more restraint.

This should say " I don’t know anything about it." I don’t know why the iPad smooched it all together, and I never even noticed it!!

You guys have obviously never been to Joplin.

Be glad the service didn’t devolve into healing and speaking in tongues.