Who's who in an old photo

I was gifted a certified copy of an original photograph. It features Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa in the center dressed in full battle gear. There are two ladies beside them. A couple soldiers, or kitchen staff in the left background. In the far right background, there is a a young white boy. Maybe 12 years old, he is dressed in a suit and tie.

The photo is probably pre-revolution, maybe 1908. I don’t know the name of the photographer.

How would one go about discovering who the young boy is? He seems so out of place in the photo. Got my curiosity being curious.

Thank you for help you can give me to start this investigation.

Slenderman as a child?

Assuming this is the photo, that isn’t Pancho Villa. It’s Emiliano’s brother Eufemio and their wives.

No idea who the boy is but that might help narrow down the search.

And according tothis, the photo was taken in 1911 by photographer Hugo Brehme in Cuernavaca, and first published in La Semana Illustrada in 1913.

Super-duper! That is the photo!

Thank you Crazyhorse and Colibri! You folks are incredible!

I have a start. I appreciate your help.

Ok, that was impressive.

As an aside, there are a few pictures of Villa and Zapata together. The most famous is this one taken in the presidential palace in Mexico City in 1914, with Villa in the chair and Zapata to the right of him with his hand on his hat.