Who's Who on the SDMB?

This was inspired by Northern Piper, who took me to task for not knowing what gives here.

For example, I didn’t know that Lolagranola and Feynn are a couple.

I didn’t know that matt ran for Parliament.

I didn’t know that Coldfire is a fellow Rush fanatic.

What I do know is that jarbaby is every man’s dream because she understands sports, Montfort and Anniz are getting married, Ginger is a flame-haired viking wench, Milossarrian is a pretty sharp guy because he agreed with me once, Odie designed the new Canadian ten dollar bill, and Crunchy is a schozophrenic because he can be funny and sarcastic at the same time.

So, help out a clueless Canuck and give me the low down.

Rumours, allegations, innuendos and outright lies are especially welcome.

Psst, kid, you’ve got the wrong tense.

Anniz and I were married on 23 September. Check the sig. :slight_smile:

Well, there’s a Zaphod Beeblebrox, but he’s just this guy, you know? :slight_smile:

Serendipity and I are a couple. [sub]A couple of what, I don’t know… ;)[/sub]

So are Racinchik and Gunslinger.

Also, there’s a map and pictures of most of us at [url"http://www.geocities.com/sdpeoplepages"]The StraightDope People Pages.

Damn, I thought you were talking about me. :wink:


The StraightDope People Pages.

Hmmmm … well, for starters, despite allegations to the contrary, I am completely sane.

Ha ha ha hahahahahahahhhhaHAHAHA HAAHA!!!

I’m in New York state. How’s that?

Yar har haR HARhar har ahr!!!

PS – Cheers to the success of another DopeDinner!!! I had so much fun, I’m still drinking!!!

Wah ha ha ha ha!!!

Keep up the good work, you canucklhead!!!

Just some things I’ve picked up about people:[ul][li]beatle has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of aircraft.[]Nymysys has multiple degrees and was once a practicing therapist, but prefers acting and modeling.[]Alphagene has what has become an extraordinarily difficult job, IIRC, he began as a coroner in Manhattan on Sept. 10.[]slackergirl writes tech manuals for something many Europeans (and a few Americans) use every day, digital television or something (sorry, the name has slipped my caffeine-lacking mind.)[]BunnyGirl works in the entomology department for a large Mid-Western University and used to be a Navy corpsman.[]Chief Scott recently transferred to Shore Duty after many many years on the water.[]Tripler, IIRC, is an Air Force missile man.[]MikeG used to design custon kitchens. Real, high-end dealies. He also took a year and toured Africa and parts of Europe after cleaning up in the market at the tender age of, like, 20 (lucky bum!)[]IdiotBoy is a sax-man in a band named Jerkwater Jive. They’re pretty good, too.thinksnow really likes snow, but is determined to get back to Columbus, Ohio [sub]Go Bucks![/sub], even if it means quitting another job.[/ul][/li][sub]If I’ve mis-stated, I’m sorry, my mind ain’t what it used to be.[/sub]

Back in the mid 90’s I was the lead animator for Video Nation, and music video show in Minneapolis. We started on a UHF station then moved to the Warner Bros affiliate.

Currently I am an animator/video editor for Mediatronic Research Laboratory (MR. Lab) and we should have some fun things available in the near future.

Uhhh that was a joke…I have the artistic ability of a dead turtle…and I have no other distinguishing characteristics on this board…


Pish tosh! Dead turtles can make lovely pieces of art! And you, Odie my dear, are the kindest person I have met on the boards.

Cranky rambles on endlessly about topics about which she has only marginal knowledge.

However, she manages to be somewhat funny just often enough that the other Dopers tolerate her. Just barely.

When she finally finishes her dissertation, her free posting time will go up exponentially, and I predict the servers will crash.

My claims to fame on this board?

I’m one of the few posters still active on this board who came over from the old AOL board.

I might be the only member who’s had over a thousand posts under two different usernames.

I’ve probably met more people at DopeFests than any other current member (89 at last count).

I started the Celebrity Deathpool threads; two of the longest running threads on this board.

I was indirectly responsible for the creation of the Great Debates forum.

I’ve spend more time in prison than any other member.

Odieman has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of good music, and I believe he installs DSL for a living.

woodstockbirdybird and I share the same last name, but are unrelated. He also has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of good music, and goes to a lot of concerts.

Demo and psycat are a couple, and are hella cute together.

Quixotic78 is a chemist.

aha was a rock and roll star, but I haven’t seen him around here in ages.

tiggeril is a college student, and likes to lob happy fuzzy bunnies and lick people.

thinksnow goes to a lot of Dopefests, and apparently gives orgasmic massages.

Mercutio is the coolest 15 year old I’ve ever met, and he is collapsible, to boot.

Maeglin is a fencing guru, knows a lot about dead languages, and can write sexually explicit haiku at the drop of a hat.

Nen drives dangerously, cooks like a champ, and has 4 adorable cats that I am going to steal.

Me? I’m just your average slacker type. Nothing to see here.

I’m the resident cracker.

Not that anybody really cares much.

Well, I’m an amateur belly dancer - it comes up sometimes.

rjk and I are a couple - but we don’t tend to say too much about it on the board.

I once wrote guidebooks for a living

Helped destroy the economies of Thailand and Korea as an investment banker

Was a radio station blues dj for 5 years

Live in China but my Chinese wife thinks my opinions on her country are a complete crock

Speak several different Asian languages with varying degrees of fluency

Backpacked solo in Tibet not once but several times

Have a gorgeous American-Chinese daughter that melts my heart

May soon start working for a company that almost every one on the planet hates

I’m one of the resident Wiccan/Pagans.
Otherwise very uninteresting.

Superdude is a professional stand-up comedian.
Javamaven is a chef. I don’t know if Zenster is, too, but he’s the man to ask for a recipe.
ExTank, as his name suggests, knows a bit about armor (and other weapons systems, for that matter.)
Tiburon sub[/sub] is a staff attorney for a Department of Nuclear Safety (sorry, you’ll have to guess which one.)
thinksnow is also an advanced SCUBA diver working towards Dive Master and was an ISO & QS-9000 auditor.

Pepper Mill and I are Married, and we have the lovely four year old daughter MilliCal, who doesn’t post (yet).