Who's your favorite Lord of the Rings character?

Gandalf for me.

Interestingly, Tolkien said the character he liked the best was Gollum! That statement is from a track on the 2-CD set “JRR Tolkien: An Audio Portrait”.

Some people just really, really like horses. (SFW). Ridiculously safe.

The interlude with Bombadil and his old lady was great, but had nothing to do with the story. Wish T had found a place for them, my favorites.

Pippin was the one I related to most in the books and the movies so I chose him.

I always liked Saruman. Thought he was an interesting bad guy.

I’ve been deep in Great War stuff lately, and yeah… this does give me a chill or two. Frodo particularly…

Hey, nothing wrong with that; he was amongst my choices as well. Sometimes you’ve just gotta dig a pony.

Bah. So-called wizard that learned “Affect Normal Fires” but not something like “Magic Missile” “Fireball”, “Lightning Bolt”, or “Cloud Kill”. Fast forward a few levels and he learned “Power Word-Stun”, but still, really sub-par DPS. Did invent the retributive strike function on his Staff of the Magi, though, so there’s that.

I voted for Bombadil.

Faramir - proven himself to be one quietly strong-willed sunuvabitch, able to keep on keeping on without much hope at all, just determined to just keep doing the right things.

And winds up with Eowyn. Score one big one for the ordinary heros in life. Score a big one for both of them.

Well, you can indicate anyone you see. Yes! You can indicate anyone you see. I told you so.

I can’t resist proposing an “other” character: I’ve always had a soft spot for Ugluk. He’s evil, of course; however, he is an Uruk-hai (human / orc cross-breed). While pure orcs are totally, utterly foul and despicable in all respects; it seems that the Uruk-hai can’t help but get, in their make-up, some admirable – even likeable – human traits. Ugluk is concerned for those under his command – including the detachment of orcs from Mordor, annoying and inept though he finds them – and wishes to accomplish the mission with as little loss of life as possible for his side. And he’s a worrier and a pessimist, anxious that his band may not come out on top in their running fight with the Rohirrim – and of course, he proves to be right on the money there.

I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable with the thing in Tolkien of a race of sapient beings, i.e. orcs, who are invariably 100% evil in every way; so am happy to come across an orc, or part-orc, with even a very few traits with which the reader can identify and empathise.

I’m always really, really pleased these two get together, in a quiet time amongst a background of dread, both injured in ways physical and mental, with a simple grace, and a light touch. I know the Tolkien grave is inscribed with “Beren” and “Luthien”, but it may well have been “Faramir” and “Eowyn” - the author clearly wanted things to work out for that pair too. I doubt Tolkien ever saw himself as Beren or Faramir, but Edith was his Luthien, and his Eowyn.

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“Romance,” not novel.

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It will surprise no one who knows me that my answer is Éowyn, even though I wouldn’t want her to appear more than she does; Tolkien hit the sweet spot with her frequency of appearance.

But I don’t understand why the Barrow-wights were listed as characters.