Who's your favorite TV animal?

I think I have to agree with their #1, Lassie. :slight_smile:

Wassie made me cwy!
As a boy I think I cried every time that tune played. There was something deeply sad about lassie.
I think Eddie from frasier is probably my fave.

I just wanna take Morris the cat and kiss him and hug him and squeeze him! He’s so cuuuuute!

Can an animate order of fries be considered an animal?

Heyyyy, no Energizer rabbit on the list? Maybe he would be on the list of most annoying?

I always kinda liked the Cookie Monster…

I never liked Lassie, Buck the Dog from Married with Children is where it’s at.

No Daffy Duck? Donald Duck? Eeyore? Snuggle the Bear? TMNT?!

That list is trash.


Lacelot Link, Secret Chimp!

Nifty theme song! :slight_smile: :cool: :slight_smile: :cool:

No way, Fury the horse was the best. He’d pound the badguys with his hooves until they rolled up whimpering in terror.

They talking cat in Sabrina wasn’t bad either. In fact, he was the most interesting part of the show.