Who's your grandaddy? Searchable U.S. Census records from 1790 to 1930 now onlne

Pretty remarkable achievement

Very impressive. I wish it was free.

Kalhoun, yeah. Or cheaper. $29.95 a month or $155 a year. I understand that they need to recoup their investment, but for casual users, I think that’s a bit high.

I suppose if someone was organized and had the time, they could do all their research in a month, but most of us aren’t.

Still, good job!

Many public libraries have subscriptions to the online library version of ancestry.com and you can access the database for free. The search tools are not as good and it takes longer to ferret out what you’re looking for but it’s better than nothing.

Check with your local library if you’re interested.

Those records have been out on CD for some years now, published by Broderbund. That subscription price seems very high.

Well, I at least appreciate hearing about this. In the last few hours I’ve found the earliest record of my family in the U.S., in the 1880 census. My great-great grandfather immigrated from Germany in 1873. By 1880 he had a wife and two boys and was established in business as a butcher.