Whose likeness appears on this shirt?

In the video for “Dance Commander” by Electric Six, whose likeness is featured on Dick Valentine’s shirt? Donna Summer? Ace Frehley from Kiss?

Looked like Cher. But you made me listen to that- you owe me.

Looks like Angela Davis.

Put me down for Diana Ross

Count me as a second vote for Cher.

It reminded me of her “If I Could Turn Back Time” video look. . .big curly hair, scandalous revealing outfit with the leather jacket! It caused quite a stir at the time; seems rather tame now.

Third for Cher.

I’m thinking Donna Summer. Diana Ross possibly.

Clearly from the way the guy is flouncing around, the t-shirt is of Billy Squier and the video is aping Rock Me Tonite in some sort of ill-advised tribute or something.

I mean, there’s no way that 2 people could make the same shitty video 25 years apart by accident is there? :eek:

(Okay to be fair, I couldn’t watch past the first minute or so- the song is terrible- but it does look like the guy is trying his best to be Mr. Early '80s.)

Sometimes I wish “Napoleon Dynamite” had never been made. :slight_smile: