Whose Line is it Anyway

Do you guys prefer the UK or US version? Favorite games form each version? I’m a US version fan. Fav games: Hoedown, Let’s Make a Date, Scenes From a Hat.

I’ve only seen a couple episodes of the British version, but I think that I like the American version better. The only problem is Drew Carey. While he is good at stand up and sitcom humor, he has no talent for improv. On the other hand, they make fun of him so much that it’s almost worth it. My favorite games are Whose Line, Hoedown, and Irish Drinking Song.

I prefer the British version for the following reasons.

  1. Greater variety of cast members.
  2. Greater variety of games. I’ve watched the American version and have noticed that on they run the same set of games for same sets of actors. So 7pm thursday it’s on both ABC and ABC Family at the same time. While switching back and forth between the two shows the played almost all the same games in same order for the same cast members!?
  3. Clive had a much better raport with the players. The insults were just funnier and flew faster.
  4. Drew’s stupid reminder every show that “the point don’t matter.”

I like the British version better as well. I think Drew Carey is funny as hell, but he just dont fit here real well. Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles are the reason both shows are funny IMO. Is Ryan Stiles the funniest man nobody knows about?(unless you are a fan of the Drew Carey show and/or WLIIA) The variety in the original (of guests and skits) is what makes it head and shoulders above the american version.

I think the American version has more consistent humor, but lacks a lot of the improv feeling. Does anyone else get the feeling that they discuss scenes beforehand? Really unexpectedly funny scenes happen very rarely, but there are fewer duds, too. Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles are the real talent, but Wayne Brady is far from a shoddy addition, either.

I agree with the comment supporting the greater variety of games in the British version. I enjoyed the first season of WLIIA a great deal, but now they seem to repeat a lot of similar material. (Every ‘Superheroes’ blends together in mediocrity.)

Another reason I dislike the American version is that there is no variety. Every episode, it seems without fail, there is Colin, Ryan, Wayne, and either Greg Proops or Brad Sherwood. Drew Carey can’t improv, and Clive was a good host. Every time Greg and Clive sparred, it was good. Real good.

I like both the girls from the American version but they rarely appear. Kathy and … starts with a D I think. Denny or something.

I really have the hots for Kathy Greenwood though. Although I also had the hots for … the British woman … she appeared on the American version a couple times but had cut her hair and changed her clothing style. I loved it when she bit … damn, I can’t recall any names can I?

Funny women are hot. Let’s have an all female episode!

I like both shows in their own way. I think Clive is more witty then Drew, but I like how the cast picks on Drew. So it kind of evens out.

I’m always really impressed with Wayne Brady. Everytime that guy steps up to sing just blows me away. Great stuff.

I think one of my favourite games is the one where Colin and Ryan are the two guys selling a CD and Wayne picks up the music slack. I don’t know what they call that game though.

I’ll give the British version a slight edge simply because the humor’s a bit more risque than the American. Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles are both pure comic geniuses as far as I’m concerned, and Wayne Brady’s voice is wonderful. As for favourite games, I’ll add another vote for Scenes From a Hat, but I also like The Question Game and Wierd Superheroes. Oh, and Seven, I’ll second you on the CD game.

Why do I think I sound like a 14 year old all of a sudden? Gee, Muffy, what do you like?


The cat!

Mmmmm… Josie Lawrence…

I’ve never seen the British version, so I suppose I’d go with the American version, except for Drew Carey. He isn’t good at improv at all. My least favorite game is hoedown (just seems boring); my favorite is Scenes from a Hat.

I do wish there were more variety in the performers, though.

Another chiming in for the British version, for reasons that have been stated already. Although I also agree, Ryan Stiles in my favorite by far.

The only thing the American version has on the British is Wayne Brady. He’s the only person that makes the Hoedown enjoyable…

I think the UK version is better for the reasons already stated.

Favorite games?

In order:

  1. PROPS!
  2. Scenes From a Hat
  3. World’s Worst
  4. Sound Effects
  5. Hoe-down

Wayne Brady did appear on the British version in the last season. They filmed it in Hollywood I believe. A couple of the other Americans appeared there too.

Wayne Brady did appear on the British version in the last season. They filmed it in Hollywood I believe. A couple of the other Americans appeared there too.

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I like both versions about the same. While I think Clive was a wittier (SP?) host it seems to me that Drew knows he sucks at Improv and laughs at himself.

I wish the US version had more players on but I think that there are very few comedians who could do well on the show.

I would REALLY love to see Robin Williams on the show.

My favorite games are:

Party Quirks
Scenes from a hat
The green screen thing. The one where they put Colin in front of a green screen then Colin has to figure out what is happening behind him.

The funniest thing I have ever seen on TV was a game of Party Quirks where Ryan was given the quirk of being a fawn being born. I almost died of laughter.

And, yoinkies, Josie Lawrence and Kathy Greenwood are soooo hot.

Slee ::also sounding like a 14 year old. But, YOINKIES, JOSIE LAWRENCE AND KATHY GREENWOOD ARE SOOO HOT!::

He was on the US version for at least one episode, possibly a whole set. I personally didn’t find him as funny as I was expecting.