Whose the man-- YODAMAN! Oy. Stupid DVD Ad.

God if I see this stupid ass ad for the Star Wars II DVD one more fucking time I swear I am going to go all Elvis on my TV. Its bad enough he has ruined Star Wars, but this ad has to be the dumbest thing Star Wars has been attached to since The Star Wars Christmas Special.

Midicloridians, Jar Jar Binks, horrible deadpan acting, and now this.

Lucas, you officially are a talentless hack.


Um, how does one “go Elvis” on a TV?

<< visualizes dressing the TV in a Vegas jumpsuit and then going “neener neener” at it >>

You shoot the TV, of course. Didn’t you ever hear of Elvis shooting his television? :slight_smile:

I agree about the ad, tho.

This ad made me, for the first time in my life, begin to dispise Star Wars.

And I have my own Jedi outfit.


It made me horribly sad.

I’m not gonna buy it and I wish there was a way to just block that ONE FUCKING COMMERCIAL. It makes baby Jesus cry.

That’s the worst damn ad for any new movie (theater, DVD release, or straight to video) I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe they’re serious with that. It’s like they let Saturday Night Live make their ad for them… so bad that I actually thought it was a joke until I looked closer.


If i had the force i’d choke whoever made up that tagline, the scum!!

Because of you, Star Wars marketing department, I now hate all things that come out of Lucas Studios…

With a passion.

Yeah. The commercial really bothers me.

I haven’t seen it. Is it available online?

I guess they felt they had to emphesize the only good 2 minutes of SW film Lucas has shot since the 80s.

I first saw it on the same night a local news station was airing a segement where they staked out Goodwill dropoff locations at night to catch theives. Their tagline? “Goodwill Hunting.” I went into seizures due to a bad-pun overdose from those two spots…

I think they’ve discontinued that ad. I, thankfully, haven’t seen it for a few days. Someone with some sense of sanity and taste must have tapped them on the shoulder and let them know that it was really, really stupid.

NOooooooo! Say that isn’t true, I’m begging you.

Who says Lucas’s to blame for the ad? It’s probably the responsibility of Fox Home Entertainment…or their ad agency!

Wait, you mean Yoda isn’t a blaxploitation kung fu master?

Luscasarts has an ironfisted creative control over any Star Wars stuff.

After Jar Jar Binks, this is exactly the sort of ad that I fear from Captain Out-of-Touch.

Someday people will marvel at the notion that Star Wars was ever cool. Grumpy old men and women will point out that after The Empire Strikes Back, and prior to Luke’s wacky ewok adventure, Star Wars was indeed pretty cool.

Sigh, those were the days. . .


You know, I just want to say right here and now:

I like the Ewoks very much.

So there.

(But Jar-Jar sucks like an electrolux and so do those terrible ads)

Could someone at least describe this monstrosity for those of us who’ve not seen it.

Basically it’s the fight scene from Ep II going on while the announcer shouts (with screen-sized blaring text to go along with it) “WHO DA MAN? YODA MAN! YODA DA MAN!”



has commercial flashbacks