Whose yet-to-be written memoirs would you most like to read?

Name a figure from any of the arts who hasn’t (as far as we know) written his/her memoirs but who would undoubtedly have a riveting story to tell!

Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga).

QE2? If there is a diary, etc?

Apparently QE2 kept a daily diary (6 inches a day) for something like 50 years. The person talking about it (some Brit …can’t remember who) said it’ll probably not be unsealed – if ever – for another 50 years.

Most of the older actors have already written memoirs.

I can think of two that would be fascinating: Tim Curry and Mick Jagger. (As far as I know, there are no official memoirs, though plenty of anecdotes and articles about both.)

Mick Jagger once said he wouldn’t be able to write an autobiography because he couldn’t remember much of his past! But if Keith Richards could…

That reminds of what pro wrestler Michael “P.S.” Hayes-- a member of The Freebirds tag team said during his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame----

“People say I have a great Hall of Fame-worthy career–it’s too bad I can’t remember any of it.”

And back to the original question I would love to see a memoir written by WWE owner Vince K mcMahon.

As someone with a shelf full of Beatle biographies, I’d be kinda curious to read Ringo’s memoirs… but I’d be more interested in Jane Asher’s.