Whose zombies have I been dreaming about?

This morning is at least the second time I’ve had a dream about these zombies, and I’m inclined to believe that it’s inspired by something I saw/read/played because it’s pretty detailed for a sleeping brain to have spawned whole cloth.

So, the zombies are pretty standard issue, shambling about, some crawling when they lose limbs. They’re not fast, but they could be slower. The scenario is apocalyptic rather than post, so buildings are in pretty good shape and people still live in them in a lot of places. There are enough zombies that people aren’t in doubt of their existence, but there aren’t so many that it’s impossible to live a pretty ordinary life if you’re in the right place.

The bigger threat to healthy humans is actually the dogs. Whatever never defined event caused people to turn into zombies also changed the dogs, maybe all of them. They’re not ugly and inside out like resident evil dogs. In fact they’ve gone the other way altogether, as feral and starving as they might be. Something about what has changed the dogs has made them extra appealing. Fluffy fur, bright eyes, waggy tails and eager/happy to see you attitudes…a lot of people die from being mauled before it becomes widely known that sweet affectionate dogs should be avoided at all costs. When the dogs are in packs they don’t try to con people, they just hunt them, looking as mean as you’d expect a dog trying to rip your thoat out to be.
So, anyone know which book/movie/show/game is inspiring these dreams?

Have you perhaps mixed up films?

The dog thing sounds vaguely familiar, but not in a zombie movie. I’m thinking some 70s B movie.

Any clues as to what time period either scenario is occuring in?

Sometime between the 80s and now. The dreams never involve spending much time inside, mostly being outside avoiding dogs and zombies, so there isn’t a lot of tech to give clues about the when.

I wouldn’t completely rule out your brain just coming up with. I have weird sleep and dream issues and I’m still consistently surprised at what my brain comes up with sometimes. Sometimes extremely detailed movie quality plots and concepts as well.

I’ll also lucid dream quite a bit, and you’d think that once you realize you are dreaming everything becomes all foggy and nondescript, but trust me the projected world around you can be astonishingly detailed even upon close scrutinization. So don’t underestimate your semi conscious mind.

Well, in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead the characters live in a walled city, with the zombies locked out. There are zombie dobermanns on the Resident Evil saga.

Return of the Living Dead? I think that’s the one where a split dog (a teaching tool for biology?) is reanimated. And Scream Queen Linnea Quigley dances naked on top of crypt also. She’s naked in the rest of her scenes in the movie too. Probably her best performance.

In your scenario, I’d be dead in a split second. I’d be a sucker for pathetic dog faces.

I haven’t read it, only heard discussions of it, but it seems the dogs in Feed and Deadline are somehow infected so that they become zombies when at a certain size. Apparently specialized miniature breeds are the only kind of dogs that can be kept as pets. Which I suppose is actually the opposite (smaller, cuter dogs are safer) but it could be part of it.

“Awww, who’s a good boy? Who’s a - argggghhh!!!”

Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent.

Elaborate please.

It’s kinda like The Walking Dead. Buildings are still standing, people live in them, and the zombies are slow, but not that slow. What made me think of it is people have always asked “where are all the dogs?” since the show came out. Seriously, have you ever seen a single dog on that show? They even spent sixth months on a farm, and we didn’t see a single dog. It could be that you heard the question “where are all the dogs?” and your subconscious ran with it.

WD’s zombies attack and eat animals, but only humans reanimate. The story also picks up some time after the initial outbreak.

Either the zombies got the dogs, or their holed up owners got hungry.

Nah. I bailed 1/2 into the pilot and haven’t heard anything much about it since.

Doesn’t really fit with the zombie part of his description.

ROTLD zombies aren’t really standard issue, and are closer to the “fast zombie” unless missing limbs. They’re also quite talkative unlike most zombies, and I assume if they were talking in the dreams it would warrant a mention.

ROTLD isn’t even apocalyptic, but more of a localized outbreak scenario. So the buildings and people fit alright, but zombies are not in large enough numbers yet that people in general know about them until they’re gnawing on their sweet juicy BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!
I have to agree with those who’ve said it’s just something elfkin’s mind is coming up with on its own, based on many different sources, not one specific movie.

One of whom shambled into a great second life.

Hint: what’s your name? Who’s your daddy? Is he rich like me?

Oh! The guys who sing “she’s not there.”