Whuddya suppose this liscence plate means...


I’m thinkin the guy must be a test pilot or something (astronaut? In WI?). I wouldn’t think it has anything to do with his pay as in how much you pull down per year. Unless he makes like 6 grand per week!
It was on a late model SUV of mid-range price.
Then I really flipped when I noticed that it was a woman driving…
What do you suppose the plate means?

Have any others to share?

I do, my old man used to have one that read RXN. Guess what the double meaning was.

Pulling 6 G’s. My guess is he’s a pilot, jet fighter probably. :slight_smile:

And the G refers to “G force”, in this case.

…or a rollercoaster geek :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I fiured too.

Now, guess what RXN means. Two things actually.

  1. From the Rx abbreviation – he’s a pharmacist
  2. Erection

As for the PULN-6GS plate: If the SUV was being driven by a woman, maybe the slogan means “Pulling six Girl Scouts”!

Sternvogel, your only half right.

Man, I got in so much trouble for that.

My favorite one so far:


IIRC it was on a station wagon, and I spent the entire red light figuring out what it meant. Of course, I laughed out loud when I got it. :slight_smile:

That is pretty good.

Seen 25 years ago, on a behemoth, pre-'73-oil-crisis sedan: I8AVW

It would be even better on an SUV today, like an Excursion, or a Hummer.

You ARE going to hell.

Damnit, I GIVE up already, do tell?

On Beverly Hills 90210, Steve Sanders drove a Corvette with the tag I8A4RE. Heh.

DCY4THS = decypher this :slight_smile:

GRRRR, jerks :smiley:

Normally I’m good at those things, but I failed miserably on that one.

You guys are weak.

Ok, RXN;
He was a pharmacist and he drove to work in a budubudumdumdumdumdum…an RX-7.

RAAAAAAAAAAAAXanne, You don’t have to SELL your body to the night!

Great, now I’m going to have that song in my head for the rest of the day! :mad:


My mom always wanted a red station wagon. She and my dad got one, and she got her first ever personalized plate.

Lil Red Wagon, it said.


Yep. Lord Wagon. On my athiest mom’s car. Poor mom.

Well, I hope she isn’t overweight - some people might misread it as something else. :eek: