Why all the talk about dumping Electoral College, but not Senate?

There is a lot of day-after criticism of the Electoral College out there. If you really have a philosophical position against anything but one person/one vote:

a. Why weren’t you talking about it before the election?

b. What do you think about abolishing the Senate where Alaska and Delaware get just as many votes as Cal. and NY?

Thanks for starting this thread – you saved me the trouble of being thoughtful and lucid while still promoting a debate.

The Senate operates EXACTLY like the Electoral College.

The next time a Supreme Court Justice is confirmed, the 2 Senators that represent 800,000 Montanans will carry the same weight as do the 2 Senators representing 30,000,000 New Yorkers.

And I see nothing at all unfair about it.

::hands a copy of “The Federalist Papers” to djbdjb::

That’s the beauty of a bicameral legislature.

Do you live in Orlando, djbdjb?

There are only about 18,000,000 people in the State of New York. Hey, give those hard-working senators SOME credit. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was confusing New York with Illinois and automatically added in the cemetery residents. :wink:

(But you got my drift…)

Did you sleep through your Government class?

a. I was.
b. I’m all for it.

Any other questions?