Why am I chipping my Teeth?

How odd. In September, the last time I was in the US, I chipped one of my front upper incisors. The dentist sanded them down and put on some sort of polyfill on them. A few months later, I awoke and for some reason gnashed my teeth. I chipped them again. Just now I was eating microwave popcorn and I managed to chip them again.

What is going on here? I never chipped a tooth before. Is this one of those ‘getting older’ things?

Is it just a matter of the “polyfill” falling off, or is it a new chip? I’ve had “polyfills” of varying quaility. And once it starts to disintigrate, it may come off a bit at a time.

No new chips the plastic seems to be hanging in there. It makes a gruesome sound when this happens and I feel little sand-like bits in my mouth. Then I can feel roughness on the chipped surfaces.

What do you think? Operator error?

I’ve always had a problem with my upper incisors chipping; I thought it was normal until a new dentist noticed them.

Turns out I’ve got a very minor underbite. So when I close my mouth, my bottom teeth tend to tap my upper incisors just a little bit, enough to weaken them enough to be susceptible to chips when I knock them against a bottle or something.

Could it be that you’ve got an even smaller underbite than me, and your teeth are just now starting to feel the effects? Or perhaps your teeth are stronger than mine have always been and are just now starting to weaken from years of slight underbiting?

Incidentally, I’ve never hear of anyone having incisors anywhere else but the front…:wink:

Your luck, I came within an ace of calling them Beaver Teeth. But the Dope will let me get away with using Grown-up Words.

So is there a solution? Caps or crowns (what is the difference?) I guess.

For the chips, the dentist suggested caps or crowns (I don’t know the difference either, hopefully someone’ll edumacate us). I turned him down mainly because of the expense. But at the same time, I’m used to my teeth and over time, just the action of running my tongue over them seems to have smoothed them somewhat. No one’s ever suggested any kind of polyfill, but then, I’ve noticed my dentist likes to pick the more expensive options to suggest. I gotta get a new dentist.

Wish I could be more help.

I have a good guy in Damascus, want his number?

Could it be TMJ Syndrone?
A stress-based illness that makes people grind their teeth, causing cracking or chipping of the teeth.

I suspect, based on your recent Threads, that you are under plenty of stress.

Begin by dropping Caffine from your diet.
Get extra exercise, and ask your Dentist or Doctor for a prescription to help relax your muscles while you sleep.

Also, talk to your Dentist about a night brace.

Is it possible you have some sort of vitamin/mineral deficiency that’s wreaking havok with your teeth?

My Dentist (who is very talented) disagrees.