Why am I reacting to cold weather so badly?

I am a 23 year old man and I suppose that how cold you feel on cold weather depends a lot on your weight and this is where things get unusual. For the last few years I used to be somewhat bellow the normal BMI and was slipping into anorexia region and I felt ok in winter, however at least a year ago I got back into normal BMI weight range, I started eating a lot (meat, soup, vegetables, everything) and now I am almost at the middle of the ideal BMI range, which is great, except…that instead of that helping me feel warmer during these cold days (usually slightly above 0 c - 32F), I think that I never in my life reacted so bad to cold.

Today for example I went for a 3 minute walk to the market, I was wearing warm clothes, jacket,etc. and I still shivered a little (not a lot, but still…), even without any wind blowing and with me putting two hoods on my head, while people around me mostly didn’t even wear any hats or hoods. I don’t have any medical conditions and the only thing that may be of some importance is the fact that I don’t exercise at all, but I never really exercised for the most part of my life and I didn’t feel cold as much as I do now.

So is it non-exercising (and if so, why exactly) or something else?

I really couldn’t tell you Jake. But FYI, I reported this for a forum change. Probably get more replies in IMHO.

Are you anemic, maybe? Have your blood tested.

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Doesn’t matter what you or other people were wearing. What was the temperature/windchill?