Why am I still buying these "Sims" games?

I resisted for a few days, but I finally picked up “The Sims: Vacation” today. Here’s the facts:

  1. I’m getting Jedi Knight 2 tomorrow for my birthday, which means
  2. I’ll play vacation for all of 30 minutes tonight before it stakes out a long-term spot on my shelf, but
  3. I had to have it anyway.

The creator of this game is an evil genius.

I know what you mean. I’m waiting on my copy to come in, and in the meantime, I spend countless hours downloading free stuff from the major fan sites. I’ve even spent money subscribing to some of the better sites. I’ve probably spent as many hours downloading stuff for the game as I’ve spent playing it.

I’m going to buy Heroes IV tomorrow and I’ve preordered Dungeon Siege, so Vacation will get set aside after I’ve reviewed it until those games are done.

Huh? What’s this about a dungeon siege?

::checks google::

Whoa! Looks like they combined the Baldur’s Gate engine with Diablo II!

Release my thread, you knave!

(hmm, that game does look pretty cool though. Cheers! :))

What ever happened to Simsville?

They announced six or eight months ago that Simsville isn’t going to be made. That makes two programs MAXIS has 86’d- the other being SimMars.

I think that the games are written in the binary code version of crack. I can’t stop buying them either…I haven’t picked up Vacation yet, because given what has happened with the last three expansions, Best Buy and Circut City will have them on sale next week or the week after for $15-20 instead of the $30 that they cost now. I got the difference back from Best Buy on House Party, but I’d rather not make two trips to Portmouth if I don’t have to, so I’m just going to wait for the sale. Hey, in May Zoo Tycoon’s first expansion, Dinosaur Digs comes out…who knew I’d be suck a sucker for expansions?

I think I’m happy about this… it’s two less games I would just have to buy!

I couldn’t agree more… I haven’t even installed the last two expansion packs, since I never get a chance to play, but of course I had to have them the second they came out!

Somehow I forced myself to not buy this one. How does it rate in the scheme of Tycoon titles? Of course, I do have Sim Safari, which is kinda like a Zoo. Sorta :wink:

SC3K Unlimited, anyone?

Gads, I’m sooooooooooo addicted!


For me, the Sims were coded in the binary form of crack antidote. I was a pretty steady consumer of sim games until this one. Then it bored me to tears within 40 minutes of starting it and I don’t think I’ve bought a simulation game of any sort since then.

I’m cured!

I had mine installed by 2:30pm on Tuesday (release day) and it rocks my world. The Sims Vacation is awesome!!!


I’m a total Sim addict. I keep downloading Sim stuff, and have also subscribed to a couple of pay Sim sites. I’m still not tired of playing.

After talking to a couple of people who burned out on Sims pretty quick, I came to the conclusion that part of the fun is that we have five people playing, so we have a lot of fun screwing up each other’s “happy” homes.

I can’t wait to pick up Sims Vacation. Looked for it yesterday, and didn’t see it, but I’m sure it’ll be on all the shelves by this weekend.

Sims Vacation is Awesome!

I installed it Yesterday as soon as I got home. I wish they had Ice skating.

For me, building and supplying the sims with mansions is the best part (using cheats.) Once the house is built and fully stocked, I never play the family. Yet somehow ive ended up with 2 of the 4 expansion packs. Gifts, I think.

I’m looking forward to JK2 also, but am gonna wait to read reviews.

Sim City 4 preview was in a gaming magazine I get this month. Looks like a sweet rock (crack reference).

I hope they incorporate some Simsville features. Maxis felt that Simsville was too much like Hot Date so it was shelved even thought it was very close to completion.

At last I know I’m not the only one. I’ve been a hard core sim fan for a long time. So, naturally, I got SIMS. I played for a couple days. Then I got bored. I haven’t touched it since, and should really get around to taking it off my computer.

All I ever seemed to do was go to work, eat and go to the bathroom.

And I do that on a daily basis, too.

I haven’t played Sims for a long time - I lost my cd, and my Livin’ Large cd too. I’ve got the urge to play it again, but there’s so many other games placing demands on my time.

I’m only one man!

Which explains why people like it so much. Without structure, you get to turn it into whatever you want.

Make neat mansions.

Screw around with the lives of your sims.

See how many career tracks you can get down and how fast you can accomplish it.

Enjoy making fires.


The expansion packs just feed the fire, giving you more ways to enjoy the toy.

This is why a lot of women who can’t stand most computer games enjoy the hell out of the Sims.

Well, the sims was fun while I was finding out how many different ways I could kill them, then it got downright boring for me.

Do I really want to play a game that’s more boring than real life? I mean, in real life, you actually get to watch the TV screen instead of just looking at an object that looks like a TV.

Am I the only one who thinks that the expansions cost a bit too much? Buying the sims with all expansions would cost about $160!

Ok I’m a Sims addict. Just got the last expansion pack and now my little people are allowed to leave their pathetic little country.
I have to admit I make their lives as miserable as possible. Neighbours constantly fighting, dreadful partiies with that damned Mime and the unhappy clown.
Fires, dead plants, cockroaches, flies garbage, and children being sent away from their parents make for a very depressing neighbourhood.

Next time I will create a bright happy neighbourhood… maybe.
Personally I believe The game is only as good as the users imagination., and teir personal prefrences. I find too many people who play the game set winning objectives but realistically there is no way to win. So some people just get bored.
The user add ons are fun too. I’m working on making a giant statue of myself for the little guys to worship. After all…



I like to think of playing the Sims as a grown-up way of playing Barbies.