Why am I still hungry?

Breakfast was a bowl of Puffins cereal with a banana, blueberries, raisins and a glass of OJ. Lunch about three hours later was a turkey sandwich and an apple. Twenty minutes after that was about two dozen grapes. So, now it’s around two and a half hour later and I’m still freakin’ hungry. Nothing else to eat, so a red velvet cupcake from the bakery in the lobby. I would have preferred something else healthy, but this delicious cupcake was all I could get.

What can I eat that will keep me full?

Have you tried this?

Almost everything you’ve eaten today has been sugar. The cereal, the fruit, the bread on your sandwich, the cupcake, and–thought it had a little protein–the milk I assume you had with the cereal. The turkey is the only non-sugary thing you’ve eaten.

You eat sugar, you spike your insulin, it eats up your blood sugar too fast, and you feel hungry sooner.

Cut it out with the crappy carbs.


Yeah, I’m not one of those no-carb zealots by a long shot, but if you eat foods high in refined starch and sugars, it could be causing your insulin to frantically mop up glucose, leaving you with low blood sugar shortly after eating. Whole fruits are usually pretty good because the fiber slows sugar absorption, but you might want to balance the fruit with more lean protein and some fat to give your meals staying power. And look for whole grains rather than refined (fiber again), and even then, don’t make grain and fruit your whole meal.

I’ve noticed personally if I have refined carbs for breakfast and I drink caffeine at the same time, it can make my blood sugar crash *hard *an hour or two later. YMMV.

See, I would have thought since the apple and grapes are complex carbs, it would have held me over.

Try yogurt, nuts, etc for midday snacks. They will fill you up much more than fruit.

Grapes are as sugary as candy. And you ate raisins along with the apple. Raisins are candy.

And that turkey you ate… it wasn’t by any chance honey-roasted deli turkey, was it? Cuz that’s more sugar.

Fat is digested more slowly than carbohydrates or protein, so including a little fat in each meal can keep you going longer.

Maybe full-fat milk on your cereal, a slice of cheese or some avocado on the sandwich, peanut butter and crackers for a snack, etc.

Too much sugar. Fruits are full of sugars, so even though they have lots of good fiber, I find I process them more quickly and feel hungry much sooner than when I eat veggies, dairy fat and protein. I agree with FeAudrey - try adding some fat like avocado, a higher protein dairy such as cottage cheese or Greek or Icelandic yogurt. Go for more things that don’t taste sweet.

If you want fruit that’s a little more filling, try bananas. They’re still essentially all carbs, but they’re complex carbs. Most fruits are simple carbs-- Fructose is in fact even more simple than table sugar.

Try eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. It will keep you feeling full and, if you’re one of the lucky ones, should also help you keep your cholesterol down.

I keep hearing this about oatmeal, and it’s been mystifying me for a long time. My usual breakfast of choice is a couple of slices of light rye toast and a cup of coffee, and this can keep me going for 3 or 4 hours. Change the toast to a bowl of porridge and I personally am about ready to gnaw my own arm off after about an hour.

Having done a little googling, apparently I’m not alone.

Yes, that wouldn’t hold me. Not enough protein or fat. Try an egg at breakfast instead of the cereal, and a piece of string cheese with an apple instead of the grapes. Grapes are really high glycemic, as noted above.

I’m not sure that complex carbs are going to be much better than sugar, if your body wants protein. Try a cup of yogurt (even a glass of milk) and see if that helps.

I can tell I’m not getting enough protein when tofu tastes delicious right out of the tub.

Try to eat some healthy fats. I sometimes have a tablespoon of almond butter, and that tends to curb my appetite. Fats make us less hungry, and in my opinion, it was a big mistake that folks have been told avoid fats. In addition, healthy fats are the key to curb hunger.

I was recently surprised to learn that adults should (in general) eat no more than two servings of fruit a day.