Why are Baguette's the shape they are ?

I’m speaking about the long cylindrical French loaves . I’ve heard it might be something to do with French soldiers and ease of carrying them . Is this correct . What’s the dope ?

Get your baguette facts at BaguetteCam

Crud, you got here before me Gilligan. I was going to say for the crustiness.


Since when does 3.1 miles convert into 18 kilometers? Damn frogs :smiley:

Ho ho ho, zat is zee FRANCH keelometer.

Seet back, have zum pig’s livers and steenky cheese and a litre of vin ordinaire, and leave zee driving to us.

REALLY? I’m dubious about this one, mostly because “blague” is the French word for “joke.” Stranger things have happened, though.