Why Are Blue Jeans Universally Loved?

They’re tough and comfortable at the same time. They hide stains and go with anything from a dressy shirt to an old rock 'n roll tee. If I could I’d wear them all the time. Only the steam of a DC summer makes me not want to wear jeans.

I think the sturdiness of the material combined with the fact that they can fit you like a glove is also a big part of the appeal.

Not just that - but I’ve never found a pair of khakis that have ever even come close to fitting. And they always look like they really don’t fit at all. Even when I have had trouble finding well fitting jeans, they’ve never looked anywhere near as bad as chinos.

Plus, they’re comfortable. And mine feel soft & comfortable. Jeans straight out of the dryer are lovely.

Skirts are bad for lounging. And also usually fit me pretty poorly.

Sorry, I guess I phrased that badly. Anything polyester, like fleece, makes me unripe after not too long. Cotton fleece like sweatshirt material, no problem. Fleece, not so much.

You may be wearing the wrong size of jeans. Unless they’re made of plate armor, no pants should feel that way. Jeans are, after all, cotton; even if it’s thick cotton, you’re wearing the wrong fit if they make you uncomfortable.

In any event, anecdotal “I hate jeans” posts don’t really answer the OP. The assumption that jeans are the most popular pants around is unquestionably true. I don’t think you can cite a more popular kind of pants. Many people do not own any dressy pants or slacks at all, and wear jeans almost exclusively. Jeans are worn by people in every strata of society, every demographic, both sexes, all races.

I find them comfortable (especially the stretch kind), tough (I’m a clutz and run into things), stain hiding (did I mention I’m a clutz?), easily dressed up or down and – most important – available in many sizes and shapes.

For me, jeans are a relatively cheap option compared to other pants because I have fairly long legs (34" inseam). I would love to wear a broader variety of pants, but even catalogues and online sites tend to offer styles with only petite to medium inseams (up to 32"). [mini rant]Why, for the love of all that is fashionable, do those cute cords only come in medium-tall, but not in tall?[/mini rant]

I can occasionally find tall pants of other sorts than jeans, but they tend to be expensive and my budget doesn’t allow for many pairs.