What kind of clothes do you feel most comfortable in?

I love wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and a hoodie. It’s so comfortable, and kind of helps me “blend in” - I don’t like to stand out.

Jeans and a t-shirt. Hey, I’m 17–it’s the teenage uniform.

I love the tight black stretch pants / big baggy colourful sweater look of the 80s…

is that wrong?

Anything that does not require me to wear a tie.

A plaid THONG and one left, black sock.


Anything cotton three sizes too big.

Okay, here’s a serious answer: a Japanese ukata.

No, I’m not Japanese, but these things are just so comfy, I can’t understand how Japanese culture has all but gotten rid of them for everyday wear.


Baggy cargo pants and a hooded sweatshirt

tennis shoes when the weather drops below 75

my quilt for latenight geeking

At home… tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt/tshirt type top - so comfy.

At work, jeans I guess (dark) and a comfy but neat looking top - seem to be wearing trainers (sneakers) a lot too - just can’t wear heels at all!

Carpenter jeans (Arizona Jean Co., usually) and a t-shirt, often bearing the logo of a Hard Rock Cafe I haven’t been to yet.

That. Or jeans and a t-shirt. Or some form of pajamas.

Gotta be Jeans and a tee-shirt. And running shoes.

Top it off with a fleece vest for winter.

My wife bought me some sweat pants type thing that I do were once in a while. But I just don’t feel like I’m ready unless I have some Jeans on. Can’t stand that feeling.

At home: jeans and a sweatshirt, (polyester) fleece jacket and (real) fleece slippers. (In summer: shorts and a T-shirt, bare feet.)

At work: a skirt, dress, or jumper, with a seasonally-appropriate top (see my "I’ve got two wardrobes!"thread in MPSIMS). Even on “casual Friday,” I wear a skirt – I just feel more comfortable being “appropriately” dressed. (Typical Capricorn, what can I say?)

Suit and tie. I hate it when people tell me I “don’t have to worry about dressing up” (for opera or a play, for example) because I like to wear what I pick, not have others tell me what to wear.
I usually tell them “I’ll wear what you want me to if I get to pick what you wear.”

Jeans and a tank top. If it gets chilly I wear a hooded sweat jacket.

I enjoy being naked but if I must go out (or my parents are over) my favorite clothes for COMFORT (not looks, social acceptance, etc) are sweatpants and a t-shirt. Or the other varieties of cotton type pants (yoga pants, workout pants, etc)

Jeans, cowboy boots and a thin sweater with a jean jacket for outside (this would be in the 3 months out of the year it’s cold in my fine state). I love dressing up as well, but my wardrobe of fancy apparel outweighs the invites we receive to operas! I have a beautiful row of dazzling beauties with the tags still attached.

Me too Blonde. Comfy faded jeans (but just tight enough, you know?), a white button-down shirt tucked in, and my favorite boots.

Our climate isn’t exactly cold either, but who cares? :smiley:

I also like a tank top and sarong.

Warm/hot weather: Shorts and a t-shirt. And an old battered pair of deck shoes if I have to go out.

Cool/cold weather: Sweatpants and a t-shirt. Add heavy shoes and socks and a jacket for outdoors.

I love wearing darkish stretchy bootcut jeans (I give up on the inseams ever being the right length, being short and all) and fitted stretchy t-shirts (long or short sleeve) or stretchy fitted sweaters. I’ve just gotten to the point (weight-wise and self-confidence-wise) where I feel comfortable showing off my body, so I’m enjoying it. :slight_smile: