Are you a t-shirt and jeans kind of person?

Do you prefer to dress up or dress down? I’m a t-shirt and jeans. I wouldn’t even have a job where I had to wear a tie.

I prefer dressing down. I own four ties, but I don’t know how to put one on. And I own a jacket that I bought for $40, but I’ve never worn it.

I am, totally. I hate getting dressed up. Give me a Tshirt, jeans, and sneakers to wear anyday. I even have a job where I practically wear pajamas (nurse scrubs). I would rather just be comfortable with life, y’know?

Haven’t even owned a tie since I was 18 :slight_smile: . No slacks or white shirts, either. And no nice shoes :smiley: . On the very rare occasions I have to dress up, I either “fake” it or rent a tux. Technically I have a work uniform, but I’ve been wearing civvies for the last seven years.

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I like dressing up. I enjoy the formality of putting on a proper shirt, tie and jacket. Tying a good necktie knot is a simple pleasure. I bought a tuxedo last year; I figured since I was going to quite a few formal evenings every year it would work out cheaper than hiring one.

'Course, with the weather around here, shorts and sandals serve for half the year. I’m more inclined to wear a short-sleeved button-up shirt than a t-shirt though.

i button a shirt once a month, maybe

I have no ties. All of my shirts are Tshirts. All of my pants are jeans. The last time i wore a buttoned shirt was about a year ago.

Jeans and t-shirt but if I have to dress up I want to wear as much black as possible. I hate getting dressed up.

P.S. What I really hate is when I do get dressed up and someone says that I look really good. Dickhead, I always look good. I’m still the same person just wearing different clothes.

P.S. What I really hate is when I do get dressed up and someone says that I look really good. Dickhead, I always look good. I’m still the same person just wearing different clothes.

As my friends can tell you, I absolutely REFUSE to wear a dress. Jeans and t-shirt for me. Down with dresses!

P.S. SO wants to add that at my wedding I’d probably be wearing jeans and t-shirt, too. And I admit, he’s probably right. :slight_smile:

Cougarfang, I thought you were a guy.

I think I’m more of a ‘dressing up’ kind of person. I enjoy bumming around the house in tracksuit pants and a t-shirt, but nothing beats getting glammed up to go out. I love being exceedingly vain and popping into the bathroom to constantly check out my reflection. :wink:

I usually sport t-shirt and jeans–or more likely, Hawaiian shirt and jeans–but I do like to dress up now and then. For one thing, I look GREAT in a tuxedo. But then that’s how tuxedos are designed.

I like to dress up for big parties and such; I have friends who throw fancy parties, which are always fun; people behave differently when they’re dressed up, which can bring out the good they didn’t know they had (or the evil they’d been trying to hide). Also, I always prepare to “dress” when I go to New York. I love New York, but dressing right makes you feel like a New Yorker, not just a tourist. I’m always flattered when a Manhattan hooker asks me for directions.

The thing to do in New York is to get your taxi-hailing down. For me, it’s sticking out the two fingers casually, like a peace sign with fingers stuck together. You have to look like you’re hailing a cab, but not too excited about it.

Whoa, am I still talking?




:smiley: [sub]Rereads post surreptitiously… bursts into hysterical laughter[/sub] Ooooookay…

I like to dress in t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. And in the winter, I usually wear the same orange hooded sweatshirt over my shirt all the time (of course the hoodie is washed all the time). Someone called me “disgusting” once (a few days ago) for the way I dressed. I thought they were rather silly 'cause I gotta be me.

I never wear dresses, not even to funerals. To really fancy occassions, like that, I wear a really nice dress suit. Or sometimes, if I’m going to a real fancy resteraunt or party, I just wear a really fancy sweater/top and nice jeans.

Throw in Seattle formalwear (a flannel shirt), my wardrobe is set. I do own a suit though.

Sometime in my teens I began to feel very uncomfortable (read: claustrophobic) with shirts that had any hint of snugness in the shoulders, which led me to preferring oversized shirts to someting “fitted.” Fastforward to my mid-late 20s and I’m a shirt-n-tie-everyday guy - just with shirts that had space in the shoulders. Then, to quote John Madden, boom! Every tie feels like a rope, every top button like the knot of its noose. So while I can’t wear t-shirts at work every day, I do load up on polo shirts which do well enough. But every so often I’ll wear the shirt & tie combo just to remind myself. People look at me strange those days.

Had to wear a suit and tie all my working career. Just retired a few months ago. Kept a couple of suits and ties in case I have to go to a funeral or something that might require such.
Other than that I am now a jeans, T-shirt, and sweats kinda guy and loving it.

I’m a jeans and button down sport shirt type of guy. I just don’t look good in t-shirts at ALL. I own a suit that doesn’t fit and I recently bought some non-jeans just in case I really have to get “dressed up” and/or all of my jeans are dirty.
I also hope to never wear a necktie again :smiley: