Why are celebrities above the immigration restrictions on those that admit drug use?


Actually most countries have a question like that on the forms, I know I have had to lie about it.

Yet celebs like Ozzy Osbourne and David Bowie despite admitting in mass media articles to using all manner of illegal drugs have no problems with immigration. You can easily find these admissions using a search engine, also it doesn’t matter whether your use was illegal or not.



First off you use a cite from a place called boingboing. Assuming that everything in the article is 100% accurate it states that at a cost of $3500 an appeal would be successful. What makes you think that $3500 is a hardship for a rich celebrity to go through the process? And as far as I can tell Ozzy holds dual UK and US citizenship.

Obviously, they aren’t.

As far back as the early 1960’s the Beatles Paul McCartney had problems going to Japan because of drug charges. And there were worries that Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones would not be allowed into the USA. And even recently, actors like Harry Hamlin have had trouble getting into Canada due to decades-old college drug charges.

If there is any exemption, it’s probably because the celebrity is coming into their country to spend millions making a movie, or to hold a multi-million concert tour, and the country wants that economic investment.