Why are dreams stupid? (Illogical and unrealistic, that is)

When I dream I always can debunk it totally when I wake up later because the content makes no sense logically. For instance, i’ll dream (or nightmare) that my favorite horse is riding alone and slips and falls and her head falls off with no blood. Then I think oh no.

But of course when I start to wake up I think: Heads dont fall off when you fall, and there is usually blood involved if so. There are infiniti other examples. I think everyone dreams in this manner (not the specifics but the illogical nonsense)

Why? When someone daydreams, or at least if I do, I would at least picture the horse falling realistically, breaking its leg bone or at least having the realistic special effects. Why do our dreams lack any sort of realism or logic? I dont see why my basic understanding of body part falls off = blood would be suspended, even if my fear of my horse falling was itself not wholly rational.

Why would you expect dreams to make sense? They’re random synaptic firings; it’s only because your brain is determined to turn all activity into a narrative that they make as much sense as they do.

We don’t know that. It’s one hypothesis, but we don’t know what dreams are and why they occur. At best, the random firing thing is involved in the process, and could very well be the origin of dreaming, but now only plays a part.

Often in dreams our brains are practicing, going through different scenarios and reacting. That’s why we dream about things that occur in real life and things we’ve been thinking about. The illogical part comes when the brain chooses bizarre options for you to simulate your way through (this is where the random synapse firing could become a factor). It’s how you dream self reacts that is the important part.

Another hypothesis? Dreams are stupid because we are stupid (or, at least, the logical part of the brain is asleep.)

You think your dreams are stupid? Get this: I dreamed I was chased by an IUD two nights ago.

Dreams are a mixture of your inner thoughts without boundaries. Time, size, color nor reason are limited by dreams. I can get up for a minute and get right back to the same dream. Chocolate enhances my dreams and I love chocolate. I can have these strange alligator skinned animal/humans in a bunk and two old cars in the garage. The old cars in a recent dream were a leaky VW Beetle and a similarly leaky Isetta. Both were cream colored. Sometimes I try to parse the dream to relate it to my previous day’s thoughts. Most of the time this is possible.

I have no idea what the purpose of dreams is. Perhaps it’s like defragging the hard drive.

Last week I dreamt that I was in the liquor store and saw a new product offered for sale. It seemed appealing, and so I picked up a sixer of the stuff and took it through the check-out.

The product had distinctive retro style: a six-pack of stubby bottles, with commercial art of the sort that was in vogue during the first couple decades of the twentieth century. It was:

Adolph Coors’ Ammoniated Lemon Fizz

The imagery was so clear - when next I have a little idle time I’d like to recreate it with Photoshop. Anyway, I woke up pretty much immediately from that (in the small hours) and realized that I really needed to go to the bathroom. I stood there thinking of Adolph Coors’ Ammoniated Lemon Fizz and laughed out loud. Awake, there isn’t a single thing about that name that doesn’t remind me of urine to some degree - but moments before, through the magic of dream logic, my only impression of it was: “Hey! That looks great, I think I’ll pick some of that up for a change.” Really? Lemon? Ammonia? * Coors?* :smack:

Ah, dreaming about needing to pee. Those are always fun and bizarre for me. It usually involves my search for a toilet, sometimes finding one, but being somehow unable to use it for a myriad of different weird reasons. Then I wake up and have a full-to-bursting feeling bladder and I gotta get up and run to the potty!

The thing that interests me about dreams is not that they’re so nonsensical, but that you rarely recognize them as nonsensical while you’re actually having them. I frequently have dreams in which I’m back at high school stressing over getting to class on time, and then I wake up and think, “Wait a minute, I graduated high school ten years ago. And that was where I went to elementary school, not high school. And there were never any mermaids sitting in the playground or secret passages to an underground amusement park in the restrooms.” And yet, at the time, it all felt absolutely real and deadly serious.

Why is it that we so rarely question the reality of our dreams while we’re having them? Is the part of the brain responsible for critical thinking turned off during REM sleep, or is it just that we’re wired to accept whatever our senses report to us as reality?

Why am I picturing Mr. Clean with 12-pack under one arm?

Not all dreams are stupid, illogical, or unrealistic. Let me tell you about a dream I had once. In this dream, I was walking down the street and heard a baby crying in an apartment building. I walked into the building and up the stairs and into the apartment, where I found this baby all alone, abandoned and crying. I picked up the baby and was taking care of it and soothing it, when in walked it’s mother, who was really pissed at me and accused me of trying to steal her baby. I told her that I didn’t want the baby, I was only taking care of it because she had left it alone.

Now, in real life, I had just started a new job, where I had come in to help this doctor’s assistant, who had become overwhelmed with the job. I came in to this office to basically take care of her job, and she was starting to get pissed at me and was thinking that I had come to steal her job. I did end up taking her job, when she transferred to another doctor within the organization.

So, you see, my dream exactly matched what was going on in my life. So, sometimes, your dreams are actually trying to tell you something, and you just need to sit down and figure out what it might be.